She arrives dressed in a cute polka-dot sleeper with pink trim and a matching cap to top off her adorable look. Open and close eyes along with the perfect weight will let their pretend play seem just like what they see their parents do.

Doll Faced Model
Babies can easily suck their thumb, just like a real baby - helping kids learn nurturing and pretend play. The perfect accessory to your favorite 15" baby dolls!

Dolls are sweetly swaddled in a newborn embroidered onesie. This baby toy doll is cuddle ready and provides plenty of realistic and nurturing play for your little one.They also have a cuddly silky-smooth body that reminds us of the beloved trim on a child’s favorite baby blankie!

You will adore their life-like features from their cute little button nose to their tiny little hands and feet!

Her pink detailed headband with satin trim and bow is the sweet finish to an already sweet baby doll.

We believe toys should inspire adventures and spark imaginations. After two weeks of normal play (dressing/strolling around) both arms have started to separate from the main body and a tear has appeared on the back seam.

I am very disappointed with this doll and would not recommend it.

The satin fabric gets snagged by the velcro on the clothing and just falls apart. After only 3 weeks or so one of the hands pulled away from the cloth stitching.

I ordered 2 of them and heard back from my daughter that the items arrived on time and are well made and just adorable. This won't be my last time purchasing these dolls.

I am very pleased with my decision to read many reviews from different manufactures and choose these precious baby dolls. However, for my 4 year old that asked for a babydoll with a soft body and plastic head, it was a giant hit. Thinking premie outfits may even fit nicely.

I love that they can suck their thumbs and you can actually put the bottle in their mouths. They also say that they are machine washable. The eyes are beautiful glass with real eyelashes. She has had it for 2 years and it has held up nicely.

I am very happy with this purchase and would recommend it to anyone that is wanting a simple and classic looking baby doll. Break her out of the box and customize to make her your own. All of the 12 different dolls come attired in different little black dresses. It even arriaved waaaay before expected delivery date. Her hair is incredibly silky and realistic, and her makeup is flawless. The expression on her face and little black dress completes her so well.

I highly recommend this if you are a collector, like myself. Definitely not worth "adult collector" quality!

I am only giving two stars because her face and hair are pretty.

I can't believe that they consider this an adult collector doll. This seems like a cheaply priced (which this one isn't!) doll that you would give to a kid. To be able to remove the doll, the inside of the box is pretty much destroyed, because she comes fastened and taped in so many places that it takes a lot of cutting to remove her. Her head was fastened with plastic strips that have the tabs on the back of the box.

In other words, you can carefully get her loose, but a part of the plastic stays in the back of her head. And then, because her hair is long, there is about a two inch wide plastic strip wrapped around the bottom part of her hair. That is fine, except they sewed the plastic to her hair!

The strip is sewn across the top and bottom. So that takes careful cutting so as not to cut her hair.

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