They supplied doll heads to many other doll makers. They had many pouty children, and most of their dolls sported closed mouths.

Doll Brands
However, their dolls were also beautifully made. They produced character baby and toddler dolls, lady and flapper dolls, and their much rarer and today highly sought after series of character children. That may not sound like much to us today, but at the time, that was quite a feat especially since there really wasn’t any part of the production of bisque doll heads that was automated. At the height of their production, they were producing over 1, 000 bisque doll heads a day.A trained eye is always the best way to choose antique dolls. Also note that there are many, many beautiful dolls from this region and period that are not only not from these firms, but also which can often be unmarked. These firms have names (and dolls) that resonate best and most familiarly with collectors. Also, please note that this list is limited to bisque (commonly called porcelain) dollmaking companies from approximately 1860 to 1930. The dolls produced in this region were some of the very best ever produced in the world. Additionally, over the years, many families in the region became skilled in crafting and dollmaking and so the region became the depository of a wealth of porcelain dollmaking knowledge.

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