In the early 1900s, she lives in a big house with her wealthy grandmother. She dreams of being a star on the silver screen, and she can’t wait to sing onstage at school.

Doll Bakery Eyes
Nanea wonders—will things ever be the same again?

Larkin is growing up in the 1950s and longs to stand out—but in a family of five brothers and sisters, it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle. And when she makes a new friend at school, her old friends get jealous. Kittredge is an aspiring writer with a nose for news.But when her parents take in boarders to help pay the rent, she gives up her bedroom and moves up to the attic to do her part. Can she write a happy ending for her family?

When she finds out that her new school has a basketball team, life starts looking up—until the coach says girls aren’t allowed to play. Julie decides to fight for a place on the team. Will she be able to make a change of her own?

Momma decide they must head out on their own.

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She learns how to help her family create their own garden market. And she visits local 'tea clubs' to encourage other girls to take charge of their own lives. Her family own a bakery, so their apartment above it always smells like something wonderful to eat!

She knows that there’s always food left over in the bakery; what would happen if she created a special cantina in the courtyard, and invited the children in?

Sometimes, an idea can become a new life. Dell’s father and brothers make beautiful guitars in their new town. Dell and her mother still visit their old neighborhood, bringing food and blankets to friends in need. Dell loves walking the high trails, which make her feel like she 'swallowed sunshine'. Maybe then she can show people the true beauty of her mountains. The people in her village have known hard times. The lack of rain has dried up many crops and there is not enough food. When the rain does come, it brings mosquitoes carrying malaria, a terrible disease. Rahel secretly dreams of becoming a doctor; maybe then she can make a real difference. Equipping women with vocational training and small business loans to generate income, helping to change the perception of women’s roles and support their greater involvement in community decision-making. Providing and building access to clean water, to reduce the distances traveled by women and girls to collect water and incidences of water-related disease, so mothers can spend more time pursuing income-generating activities and children in school. Her eyes are a deep teal-blue and her hair is a flowing fall of soft brunette curls. Dell is fashioned in true frayed denim shorts, a flowery top, a camouflage baseball cap and polka dot sneakers. Quality details such as ethnic jewelry and cultural yet modern outfits make these dolls special that any girl will treasure.

I missed quite a few of these dolls when they were originally in stores. The packaging is sturdy and easy to open, and the little pieces they come with are darling and just make the dolls so much better. The little plastic comb is usable and durable, with a small hair-tie on the handle for endless hair styling!

I can tell, except her hair is slightly straighter. From the nose piercing, to the henna tattoo, all the way to her beautiful outfit and headband, everything is high quality and well made. The quality of the hair has not changed but this one has an atrocious haircut.

Her earrings come out and can be replaced. The pearl part is separate from the dangle (the dangle is cheap looking). Her dress is a soft knit and good quality, it velcros in the back. Her leggings are also nice with a printed pattern on them, they slide on and off. They are made of a rubber and fasten at the back. Her choker comes off and is somehow attached to her top.

I had to snip a thread to separate it from her dress. Her hair is super soft with the scalp beneath it painted dark. One thing to be aware of, her necklaces are not actual beads, although they do like them them.

I left the dangles on her earrings as they are quite pretty. Her plastic bracelets are rubbery so they can be rolled off her hand (although it might be harder for a child to take them off or put them on).

Doll Bakery Eyes

Her outfit is quite stunning and well made. My daughter only just recently unboxed her and immediately fell in love.

I love her facial features and color of her hair. When you move her hair to the side and look at her scalp you can see bare scalp (black to match hair color).

I really want to love this doll but would love her even more if she had more hair. Very nice presentation in the box as well, which comes with a comb and hairband for the doll and a book and bracelet for the girl who receives the doll. She has lived through 2 little girls playing with her.

You don't have to worry about the doll looking raggy if it is loved on and played with.

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