My creativity is only so much, but combined with all the fabulous ideas from all of you, we can make this the cutest, most comprehensive & most helpful baby shower cake resource on the web!

Submit your baby shower diaper cake ideas and your diaper cake will last forever, right here!

It's a way to share ideas with others and show off your diaper cake & baby shower ideas to your friends & family. And it looks so cute with the yellow ducky and polka dot decor!

Misti is one of our darling readers who has made this website the best diaper cake resource on the web, by sharing her own diaper cake experience, her pictures and her helpful hints. My stuffed animal for the top was a blue lion.I folded the 6 washcloths, and used those as garnish on the bottom also. A friend made me a 22" piece of plexiglass to use as a "plate". The cost could be kept lower, using a smaller bottle for the core, and lots less garnishes.

I tucked the party favors pins into the tie ribbons on some of the outer diapers. The hostess had a round sofa, with a glass table in the middle, and the cake on that, so it was the centerpiece of her shower. Thank you so very much for the great idea and instructions!
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These pictures of baby shower cakes that others have made will give you some great ideas to make your baby shower diaper cake. And with a little creativity & a few of these baby shower cake ideas, you can make a unique diaper cake for that special soon-to-be mom in your life. But, before you give it to her, send me a picture of it to share your diaper cake with everyone!

Not only are they easy to make, but they also give the mother to be lots of supplies for her new bundle of joy. It will always add to the fun of the baby shower, whether it is a gift or centerpiece of a table. How it was made, what is in it, and who made it. Not only is the mother to be getting a shower of useful items out of it, but you will be showered with compliments.

You might want to wear a hat so people don't see your head getting bigger!

You choose what will go into the cake, so you have the final say on the price.

You can go all out, or budget a cute and simple cake. Not only is it beautiful, but the items you use in the cake will last for weeks and months, depending on what you put in it. This will not be a gift the mother will want to return.

You will be saved from the dreaded return pile with a creative gift like this one.

I explain how to make a diaper cake start to finish.

I also go over tips and techniques to save money and add your own creative flair. It is a must read for anyone who wants to make a diaper cake without making the common mistakes that waste your time and money.

We also have a step by step photo diaper cake instructions to help visually walk you through the constructing process. And when you are done with your masterpiece, come back and share with the rest of us how you did it. Sharing is the best part of making something beautiful!

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