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Doll Bonnet Pattern Free
I just shrunk the size of the pattern down to fit a doll's head. Set your crown piece aside to work on your brim. For the ties you can use a piece or ribbon or bias tape. To make your own bias tape fold a long strip of fabric in half and then fold the edges in again towards the center.Sew a straight stitch along one side of your bias tape. To make the optional ruffle on the brim, cut a long thin piece of fabric (or ribbon) and fold it in half. Using a gathering stitch create a ruffle. Line the raw edge of the ruffle to the raw edge of the brim. Sew along the curved side of the brim and turn the brim right side out. Now you'll take the crown piece and sew it to the brim.

8 Inch Doll Free Pioneer Bonnet Pattern & Tutorial

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You'll want to make sure that they will fit inside each other. Pull on your gathers to adjust the crown piece to fit inside the brim. Your bonnet should look like this when your finished. At this point you can add your ties to the side as well a little piece of elastic to the back to help form it to the head.

I ended up creating 3 of them for 3 very special little girls and matching bonnets for their dolls. My girls would pull their bonnets out throughout the year to play with them and they always look so precious.

classic baby bonnet pattern

Sewing In The Doll Corner, How To Make A Doll Bonnet

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