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The right kinds of laces and ribbons can make the dress more perfect. A nice belt in the middle around the waist with a flowy skirt area can be the icing on the cake. Floral prints are also available on jumpsuits and other kinds of apparels as well. There is a pool of girls' dresses with variations to choose from when you go online shopping.With a myriad of flowers and varieties of colours available in floral prints, your daughter gets to choose from a sea of flower girl dresses. Jumpsuits for girls keep them up and steady in the fast-moving world of fashion. There are colour-blocked jumpsuits, printed and patterned jumpsuits, in various colours that could be of great interest for your tiny little princess. Different occasions come with different styles in dresses. Then there is the option for the appropriate print!

While a satin dress can give a classy look, a good flowery and lacy dress can brighten up her appearance.

You can also dress up your little doll in gowns and party dresses to make her stand out in the midst of other lovely princesses.

You can also opt for kids' jumpsuits that are much in vogue. Keep your little girl in touch with fashion trends and choose outfits that will suit all age groups. Check out an animal printed dress for something unique, or even a cotton embroidered dress or kids' gowns. Choose printed dress with an asymmetrical cut for a party or even a panelled sleeveless dress that is sure to make her look pretty. The dresses come in bright colours and are completely in touch with fashion. The frocks are frilly and perfect for festive occasions as well as parties. Opt for frilly frocks, umbrella cut frocks, mesh frocks, tissue hem frocks and many others that will surely catch the eye. To save you the hassles of having to choose matching accessories, you can choose a dress that comes with complementing hair bands. The dresses and frocks are available in materials ranging from silk to cotton, jersey fabric and so on. If your little one wishes to stay in touch with upcoming trends, then you can choose a polka dotted dress. For a casual day at home, you can opt for a simple solid colour casual dress in lemon or blue. Choose cap sleeves, short sleeves or sleeveless dresses as well as strappy dresses in pastel shades, crafted from soft cotton material, that are perfect for the heat. In summer and you can opt for cool floral printed or abstract printed dresses. Whether it is summer or winter, there is a frock for all seasons. From parties to picnics, casual day outs and formal gatherings, you can be sure to find something to suit every occasion. These dresses will make your girl look cute and dressed for the occasion. Snapdeal has a variety of kids' dresses and frocks for you to choose from for every occasion.

You can select only upto 4 items to compare. Outfit consists a fur suit or lycra cat-suit. She is the owner of a flying circus, which consists of a troupe of females clad in leather jumpsuits. Punk clothing involved tartans, leathers and tattered clothing held together with safety pins. Normally seen wearing a striped jumper and dark trousers. Fur jumpsuit with white belly & attached hands.

He is often modelled as an imp or a little devil, but the characters look is open to interpretation. An orange pumpkin wig may also be available. Has black hair and sports a small moustache. Outfit consists of jerkin, cross-gartered trousers, boots, patterned cloak and sword. Flowing silver-hair, beard, and moustache. Novelty costume can be created with pink/white lycra bodysuit plus fur-fabric collar, cuffs and tail. A number of cardboard celebrity masks are available to help you get the look. Black shoes, gloves and balaclavas with face-paint markings, may complete the costumes. The pole accessory may prove a challenge, but although the outfit may be leotard based it is more likely to be more minimalist and exotic!

She is notable for her striped tights and long hair-plaits. Many fairy costumes could be used in a range of light colours.

Doll Frocks

Scarf and 1950’s style sunglasses can also be worn. Outfit involves a full pink bodysuit with cartoon-style mask. Ladies’, worn over black pedal pushers, or a skirt with white or coloured top. Frilly shirt, gold ‘dollar’ medallion and silver-top cane complete the look. It is trimmed with an animal faux-fur (or material) collar, plus matching wide-brimmed hat. Alternatively you could go for an airline pilot with peaked cap, blazer, shirt, trousers and tie. Make-up is white face, red or black lips, black accentuated eyebrows and the trademark tear. Either uniform based, or with goggles, flying helmet and leather jacket.

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His multicoloured outfit is similar to that of a jester but without the bells!

Aside from his death-mask, his costume consists of lightweight blue, white and gold robes, often with an elaborate headdress. Green pixie over boots or shoes may also be used. Often portrayed by a female in panto versions. His outfit consists of green or olive point-edged tunic, matching pixie-style hat, shorts or tights, hessian belt and rubber knife. An alternative popular image of the creature features a bobble hat and scarf. Costume can be devised from hoops and a ball for the head. Costume uses shades of blue and green, in ethereal tones. Few off-the-peg outfits available, but may be an opportunity for some ingenuity. Often shown with round brimmed hat and pince-nez glasses. Fashionably dressed with beehive hairstyle and accessories showing love of booze, fags and champagne.Alternatively, wear a mask to become a member of parliament from today, or recent history. A small toy dog in the handbag is a useful prop. Potential couple where the other partner is going as someone famous!

She inherited her muscular physique and skills from her father!

Some of these may be featured in the list but for others there may be no set costumes and outfits. Outfit is in red and yellow with a tall curved cap.