This cute tutorial for a doll carrier is easy and comes with a template. My daughter brings her babies everywhere.

Doll Carrier Tutorial
To fit someone bigger, just add a little more length to the straps. Place your crotch strap with the unsewn edge down and hanging over the bottom of the belly band by about 1/4″. Your belly strap should hang over the side edge by about. 5″ on either side.

I too have been looking for a good tutorial.I want to make these as birthday gifts for my son’s friends.

I can totally see her loving one of these carriers in another year or two. My little guys would love to throw a stuffed animal in there and carry it around. This carrier is perfect since it helps her not only to carry the babies but also take their baby essentials along the way. Are you ready to become your daughter’s favorite person?

Place wrong sides together with main carrier piece, pin and baste.

Finish bottom with a serger or zig-zag stitch. Sew along the long side and one of the short sides. Apply fusible fleece to the back of the main backpack piece. Fold the piece in half along the long side, wrong sides together. This will help center the carrier piece onto the front backpack piece. The top of the carrier piece should be placed 8 inches from the bottom. Center the carrier piece, aligning with the press mark we made on the previous step. The carrier part should bulge a little bit, to make room for the doll. Cut 2 pieces of double fold bias tape the width of the backpack piece. Gather the net or fabric to the width of your bias tape, attach to the bias tape and sew along the sides and bottom of the lining piece. Now place the main backpack front piece on top of the lining piece, wrong sides together, pin and baste with 1/4″ seam allowance.

You could also use a 6″ piece of cotton webbing and create a loop in the center to hang. Apply the bottom pieces of webbing 1″ from the bottom and at an angle. This will create a memory press and make attaching the zipper easier. The main backpack piece will be sandwiched between the main and lining pieces. Pin along the side of the piece that was not pressed to the wrong side (step 9).

You can either pin or use wash away tape to secure your fabric to the zipper. Make sure to catch the lining when you pin, the memory press you created on step 9 should help make this process easier. Next, attach the other side of that piece to the right side of back of backpack. Grab your bottom strap and fold it 1/4″ twice and sew to enclose. For the top strap, fold it 1/4″to the wrong side, slide through the first opening on strap ladder, run through second opening and pin. Hopefully you won’t be having to carry your little girl’s babies anymore, it looks like she should be able to manage now.

I made one fro my little girl and she literally takes it with us when we go out and about.

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