If you really must, be sure to use on a very low heat. Remember it never grows back, so you have to make new hair or buy a doll wig.

If you are already a pro at cutting doll hair, then you do not need to use the accessory. This is a great activity for kids who have an interest in creative hairstyles. Rather than buying a new doll, you may just want to cut off the damaged portion. Sometimes you can get tired of the same look but don't want to spend the money on a new doll.Once you decide on the lengths you'll need to achieve each look, you can place your rubber band or hair tie where you want trimmed. Whether you, or a son or daughter, have an interest in hair styling, a doll can be a great way to practice. Buy hair shears used by hair stylists and practice common hair styles on dolls. If you or your loved one play with a doll often, hair can get damaged due to heat, wear and tear or a variety of other reasons. Separate out the top layer of their hair using a rubber band or hair tie. Then access the layers below and cut to shorter, varied lengths to give the doll's hair the impression of volume.
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Place the doll on its back, upside down so that the hair is against a flat surface.

You can always touch up the bangs once the rubber band or hair tie is removed. It will appear shorter once you remove the rubber band, so make sure to cut it a little long at first. Let it dry and then cut the bangs along the upper eye level. Section off the part of the hair that you want cut into bangs using a rubber band or hair tie. Comb the bang area forward and then slide the rubber band over the head. Apply warm water to the hair, such as water warmed up in the microwave in a tea cup.

You can simply measure out a short hair cut for your doll, depending on how long you want it to be. It is best to cut long first and then slowly cut shorter since you cannot put hair back on.

You might want your doll's hair to be short in the summer much like people's. Once you make the cut, there's no going back!

Any hair that was below where you marked off will be removed and the doll's hair will be that much shorter. Double check your cut and how much hair you want removed. It is best to use hairdressing scissors or thinning shears, but virtually any sharp scissor will work. Right above where you placed the rubber band or hair tie, make a cut. If you want to take an inch off the doll's hair, you'll place the rubber band or hair tie an inch from the bottom of the hair. Take a small rubber band or hair tie and place it at the cut point, making sure it gathers all the hair. Determine how long you want your doll's hair to be and how much you'll cut off. Brushes and combs used for human hair may not be your best option. If you brush upward, you'll leave heavy knots in the hair. Slowly move toward the scalp, replicating the downward brushing pattern until you have done the entire hair. Start from the end of the hair and use short strokes with the brush to detangle the ends. After the hair is dry, you'll want to get it as straight as possible. This will help so that you know exactly how long the hair is and have a better idea of where you want to cut.

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However, avoid water too hot because it can damage the hair. Avoid using any sort of electric heat to dry the hair as this can be damaging. If you do not have fabric softener, you can use shampoo or common dish soap. After working in the fabric softener, let it sit for twenty minutes. Rinse out the fabric softener and let it air dry. Remove all of the doll's clothes to avoid getting them wet. Wet the hair and then apply a tiny dot of fabric softener. Lie your doll in some sort of basin or bowl appropriate for the doll's size. Whether you're trying to remove damaged hair, create a new hairstyle, or just want a fun way to interact with and customize your doll, a simple haircut can be a great activity. A doll's hair is much different than human or animal hair. Washing your doll's hair will restore its shine and make it nice and smooth for cutting. At this point you should try to detangle any knots in the hair using your fingers, and if needed a comb.
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