When being at home, the travel cot can be used as a practical secondary bed or else as a playpen while its large side windows supply you and your child with familiar eye contact. This new way of shopping allows you to make purchases in the comfort of your own home.

Doll Cot Highchair Set
Includes an elephant shaker, giraffe guiro, and a lion with bells. Dolls can sit in the highchair for feeding, be soothed to sleep in the bouncer or go on a trip with the car seat and travel cot. This set is great for role playing fun, creating lots of playtime possibilities!

Looking in the argos book and this set looks completely different.In the book it’s all joined together whereas these are separate so which one do you actually get please?

Hi will the chad valley drink and wet doll fit in this set please. Each model is equipped with thoughtful features to make sure every journey is safe, comfortable, easy and enjoyable. Suitable from birth, all three pieces fit quickly and easily onto the chassis without adaptors, making your journeys as smooth as possible. Its ergonomic handle is height-adjustable, making it comfortable to push, and the detachable wheels contain ball bearings. The front steerable wheels can be set to steer or locked straight, and all four wheels ca be easily removed.
3 Dolls Nursery Set compilation – Baby Dolls Pram Stroller Playpen Carrier Highchair Baby Annabell Baby Born.

The chassis features a folding system with double security lock. This complete travel system offers exceptional value without compromising on quality or style. Substantial padding in the seat unit ensures the maximum comfort for baby. The padded hood (supplied with the pushchair seat unit) is also used on the carrycot. The bumper bar can be swung open or completely removed making it easy for you to sit your baby in the seat. Two position adjustable attachment 5-point safety harness. The soft padded chest and buckle pads ensure the baby is snug and secure when the harness is tightened for maximum safety. The pushchair seat is easily and quickly removed from the chassis by simply grasping the seat on either side and squeezing the bars. The chassis can be folded with the pushchair seat still attached. The carrycot base has a rocking position, to soothe baby to sleep. The inner liner is produced in cotton to care for baby’s delicate skin and can be easily removed for washing. This feature helps prevent the risk of suffocation by vomiting and improves breathing should the baby have a cold. The carrycot base can be positioned in rocking mode to lull the baby to sleep. Integrated and adjustable air ventilation base system providing the baby with a natural well-being when resting in the carrycot. Folding system with double security lock. The four detachable wheels contain ball bearings for a smoother ride. Front steerable wheels easily detachable and featuring auto-lubricated sleeves with bearings for greater manoeuvrability. However, we do offer either an optional ‘standard base’ that utilises the vehicle seat belt or an ‘isofix base’ connected by the isofix attachment system to enable even faster fixing to the car seat in your vehicle. She’ll have all the supplies she needs to change and care for her doll whenever she needs to!

All items will be packaged with care and use proper padding and packing. Press the scooper against the cone to begin making her snack. Pretend to add toppings, too — shake the sprinkles shaker to hear a fun noise. Press the ice cream cone against the doll’s mouth. Also, feed her by filling her bottle with tap water…and, ut oh!

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Brush and style her rooted hair before and after she crawls too. It’s a fun day of play while taking care of baby!

Girls can take her along in the included carrier for on-the-go adventures. Whenever she wets or messes her diaper, it’s a good idea to have extras on hand!

Kids can style her hair with the included brush. Look at the included picture book together for a fun activity. Kids can have so much fun getting their baby ready for a successful day of school and play!

This bathrobe set comes in purple and pink with a bunny hood, fuzzy slippers, wash cloth and bubble bath. She makes real drinking sounds when girls pretend to feed her the included bottle. With dolls that eat, drink, and wet, your little girl can enjoy a realistic baby experience. She comes with what is needed to take care of her, like a pretend thermometer and stethoscope.

Doll Cot Highchair Set

Feed her from her bottle- she drinks and wets!

Shake her adorable rattle and she crawls when she hears it. Your little one will love changing her, feeding her, and taking care of her just like a real mommy!

With the pretend hair dryer, brush and comb, she can give her baby all kinds of stylish looks, and the hair extension and barrette will give her fun fashion options!

Baby Dolls Nursery Center Unboxing Set Up – Nursery Toy w/ Wardrobe Change Table Highchair with Baby Born Baby Annabell.

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