It's super cute and does just what the product description says it will do. Adorable baby boy doll, so much fun to play with.

Doll Car Seat Boy
It took a bit of work freeing it from the box, but worth it. Oh, and be advised that this doll is meant to be an indoor-only toy according to the paperwork that came with it.

I don't believe in telling my sons and daughters that they have to like certain toys, or colors, or anything else based upon gender. It does everything that the box promised.I love the male and female version of this doll and would buy it again. He makes a loud noise when he turns his head like his head wants to get stuck and it scared my granddaughter.

I had to tell her he had an owie but it would get better when he exercised his head some more. She told us today, that it was her favorite gift. He is kisses is lamb and instead of saying the animal sound, he says mamma.

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