Our passion is to provide you with a loving, healthy, beautiful new addition to your family.

We are always here to help you and are happy to answer your concerns or questions.

Doll Faced Persian Kitten Breeders
We occasionally have kittens and retired show cats available to loving homes. Kittens are vaccinated, vet checked and we give a written genetic health guarantee.

I breed not only for the show standard but also for personality and big wide open expression with those huge round eyes. For the kittens safety, they are caged until they are six weeks of age but thereafter are free to run the house at will.I specialize in lynx points in the tortie, blue cream, seal and blue point patterns and will be adding flame pts in the near future. All of my cats are raised with attention to optimum nutrition in a chemical free environment and that makes for healthier, happier babies. Please stop by my website for information on how you can do this too, but to see more pictures of available cats. Raising loving spoiled persian babies held and cherished from birth. Persian cats - kittens for sale ​by a small reputable breeder?

Our kitties are raised in our home as part of our family.
Doll Face Persian Cats & Persian Kittens- Persian Cattery Checkout the cute persian cats & persian kittens at a persian cattery.

We love chocolate, and we hope to have an exotic chocolate lynx point in the show hall someday.

We strive to raise healthy, loving kittens that uphold the breed's standards. Our kittens are bred from titled show pedigrees. In spring of 2007 we had our first visual exotics born.

We have cats from all over the world and strive to have the highest quality and well socialized cats. Please visit our website and come back often to see our latest additions. Our cattery’s motto is “cleanliness is next to godliness”.

We hope you enjoy your visit to our website which is updated twice daily.

We pride ourselves in providing a loving caring home to each one of our babies. It is bright yellow with plenty of windows and toys. They are groomed and played with daily for optimal socialization skills. Our mission is to provide you with a quality, loved, healthy kitten that you deserve while putting kitten mills out of business one kitten at a time.

I have been raising and selling beautiful doll-faced kittens for 30 years.

I love making people happy by placing a beautiful purring kitten in their arms to love and cherish for many years to come. My cats are very social because of being raised in our home. The girls roan our lanai, while the boys have a room of their own.

We believe that sheltering the kittens in this way is the reason they grow up to be bold, energetic, and affectionate. They have never learned to fear anything so they develop into fearless little felines.

We are animal lovers first who believe in providing a warm and loving "first home" for all our kittens. Please contact us with any questions or to find out about available or soon to be available kittens.

We breed all colors and sell kittens mostly for pets, but they are beautiful, sweet, sociable kittens that we want placed in loving homes.

We are working with bi colours and chocolates but get just about everything :-). They are well socialized with people and dogs.

We love our kittens very much and hope you will too.

Persian Cat Breeders In Ohio

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Babies are raised underfoot in our home, treated as family members and sleeps in the bed with us.

I do my best to provide my cats and kittens with the best life possible. Kitten are able to leave the cattery at 10 weeks of age, and vet approved. Our kittens are not and never will be caged. They are raised under foot within our family. They are held, played with, and socialized each and every day since they were born. From the moment our kittens are born, they are pampered. Each and every kitten is loved and cuddled so they become well socialized, affectionate kittens. Each kitten receives one on one attention to help ensure an easy transition into their new loving homes after 16 weeks of age.

I am pleased to offer references upon request. Kittens are born to disease-free parents.
This is a Teacup Persian kitten for sale. It is a Chinchilla Silver Persian kitten, pictured from birth to 8 weeks of age. This video was ...

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