Having to buy diapers and food for the doll gets expensive. Better to get a doll with no talking or mechanical features for an appropriate price.

Doll Brunette
I like it better than the original baby alive and the price is much better. Because it's just great to see her happy face when they receive the baby doll. She supposedly "wets" her diaper after you give her water, but we have not ventured there yet. She talks when you feed her, and says several different phrases.Lots of pros with only one con, and that being, her hair (side ponytail) quickly came undone with normal handling. If you're undecided, just go ahead and purchase this toy.

I really prefer the styles of more traditional baby dolls, like those from my own childhood days in the 1960's. The 2 packets included with the doll didn't last long. Incidentally, we've already had to make our our food paste with just some baking soda & water.

I thought ahead and bought a pack of preemie-sized diapers, (much cheaper than doll diapers & provide many more changes to keep the little mommy busy) plus plenty of baby wipes and bibs!

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Alive food and diaper refills sold separately. Your little girl can then gently clean her baby doll's bottom, replace her diaper with a fresh clean one, and love her some more!

And like all babies do, this baby doll will then wet or dirty her diaper. Barbie collection and this was a wonderful addition!

Mommy dog's delivery tub doubles as a puppy bed, a paw-shaped tray is perfect for bath-time and a water bottle helps clean the new puppies up for all kinds of nurturing fun. Push twice more to welcome all of the puppies!

The action will open their eyes and reveal a colored heart. Barbie doll deliver them by pushing down on mommy dog's head. Surprise -- her adorable pet dog has puppies on the way!

Explore the wonder of newborn pups, the fun of pets and the joy of play. Young animal lovers can bring so many stories to life with this fun newborn puppy play set!

And the ability to bend at the knees gives her extra flexibility for nurturing play and storytelling fun. She wears a versatile outfit that features a shirt with graphic pattern, denim shorts, white shoes and a matching headband. Barbie doll can't wait to give the new puppies a warm welcome. When the puppies are washed up, their eyes open and a colored heart is revealed on each chest. The bottle and paw-shaped water tray make this easy. When mommy dog is ready to deliver the babies, help her by pushing down on her head. A cool color-change feature lets them "open" their eyes and reveal whether it's a boy or a girl!

Barbie doll's pet dog is going to be a mommy!

With her amazing good looks, she just kills her glamour shoots as well.

We also love how she can feel so at home in both hardcore and solo shoots. Tiffany does both hardcore and softcore shoots, but focuses mainly on her hardcore scenes. She has no tattoos and has her belly button, tongue and clit pierced. Tiffany has long brown hair and stunning hazel eyes.

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