He will work with you to build your custom dream house. Our workshop has a see through glass so you can observe and learn from all our works in progress.

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I am planning to add some more tutorials. The end result is really fantastic-looking, and your tutorial has the perfect amount of detail!The ceiling fan is really pretty quick and easy to make though.

I finished in just an afternoon, but lots of my other projects have taken days to finish.

I decided to go with a more budget friendly version. And thank you for thinking of telling your friends about my blog!

Just a couple months of cool weather at the beginning of the year. It will be beneficial to anybody who utilizes it, including me.

In fact, none of them fit any of the various sizes in the set. These were fora preschool craft, not a deluxe adult-made clothespin doll. If the clothespins are not the special kind especially for little dolls that are flat on the bottom of the legs, it helps to glue them in so they don't slide in too far and make the base unstable. They don't make the little clothespin dolls of the same brand stand up straight.

I have changed my five star review to one. They don't work --unless you want to fill up the gap with clay or glue or epoxy, they are useless. A printable is nice because everyone can make it. If you don’t have a printer, look at the printable and trace a square on paper in the same pattern.

We are always finding something buried some where in our warehouse or in someone else's. These are just some of the manufacturers items we stock.

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Dollhouse Bedroom Furniture Haul #

Actual furniture-showing begins at 1:46. Which of the two do you like better: 1) Geometric Bedspread OR Pink Bedspread?

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