Many scientists were sceptical about whether this new method would work. Bigg wanted to prove that injuries involving tissue loss are permanent.

Bigg also argued that this method of photo-identification would provide insight into many other features of their natural history. This method involved taking photo graphs of each killer whales' dorsal fin and saddle patch. He said that these two parts of killer whales are as distinctive as human finger prints. The assumption of the captors was that there were 100's or 1000's of killer whales in these waters.People wanted restrictions to be introduced if killer whales were to be continually taken. It was unknown exactly how many whales were present in the population during the capture period. The captors aimed for weaned juveniles because they posed less risk during transportation and they still posessed the mental flexibility to adapt to a captive situation. Public and scientific concern arose because of the captures. Five other killer whales were removed from the population either because they were accidentally caught in nets or they had stranded. They seine netted the killer whales 19 different times and captured a total of around 262 whales.

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From those captured, they removed 50 juveniles. Weaned juveniles were targeted because they posed less risk during transportation and they still possessed the mental flexibility to adapt to a captive situation. Griffin wanted to dispel the notion that killer whales are blood thirsty predators whose only desire is to kill. After several hours, most of the killer whales disappeared, all except a female and two calves. They repeatedly charged the cage, but warned by their built-in sonar they stopped just short of hitting it. Killer whales are the largest of the dolphin family, and he was convinced that such a relationship was possible. He used the harpoon line attached to the base of the whales dorsal fin as the tow line. The two fishermen who owned the net decided to sell him alive to the first person who gave them a bid. This did not start out as a live capture, but eventually ended up as the first whale to be kept in captivity for a period of time. Two days after the introduction into her tank, she smashed her rostrum head-on into the tanks' wall and died. For 2257 related inquiries please contact each gallery site owner individually.

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