Or if you already have a room full of leather furniture, a plush, velvet accent chair mixes it up just right. A smooth, leather accent chair is a visual and tactile oasis in a room that has fabric surfaces on the rest of the furniture.

Texture is another way to bring an accent to a room. And in a room with a lot of bright color already in it, a navy accent chair may be just what it needs. But consider a teal accent chair or blue accent chair as well. A pink accent chair or a yellow accent chair brightens up any room that is decorated with mostly dark colors in it.Already have lots of pattern in your decor?

If the other furniture in the room you’re working with is mostly solids or fine patterns, a bold pattern is a way to accent that room. Do you already have a room full of color?

Also consider pattern when selecting an accent chair. If you don’t have room for an accent chair with arms, try an accent arm chair or an accent slipper chair. When shopping for an accent chair , a good place to start is with an accent arm chair.

But there’s also the element of appearance that can really enhance the decor in your home. Chairs are often thought of as functional items.