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Aeolian distinguished itself as a piano maker, not merely an assembler. Aeolian produced not only the concert and beginners piano, but also for the artist and leisure time musician. The affiliation of the various houses that formed this large and powerful contributing force to the art of music, insures for each a wider scope for musical activity in that each of its units was of the highest quality in its grade, which had an extraordinary economy of production. By this time everyone got into the act, and every piano maker so manufactured a player of some sort. Within a few short years, the push up"players disappeared from the scene.

Pianola built an enormous business empire over the next thirty years. With four page color advertisements (almost unheard of in that day) published in the popular magazines, he literally stunned the piano industry with the message that here, indeed, was the answer to everyone's prayer for music in the home!

His son took over in 1899 and immediately set about to apply his own business acumen to the company's affairs. Tremaine's father had built a successful small business making and cranked table-top-sized mechanical organs, a very popular item in homes in the late 1800's. Tremaine was a business genius who brought about the commercial exploitation of the piano player on a big scale. Combined they made a great and powerful contribution to the art of music, for each of the great instruments they produced will continue providing magnificent music for generations to come. Please send us the name and photo of your piano.

We can help you find the year your piano was made. There are times when your piano or number is not listed. The age of your piano is determined by the serial number. The number is for the first piano made in year shown. It is not known currently if this will be a series of books. But they will also require premiums from both the seller and the buyer on the amount that is bid on each item. Contact an auction house that specializes in dolls or teddy bears. They will also want a percentage of the price, perhaps as much as one-third of the total. This can be more work than you want to do. They will list the item, take the photographs, and mail the items to the purchaser. However you are also responsible for listing the items, photographing them, and sending the items to the purchaser. Just remember that these dealers are going to want to make a profit on your dolls, so they will not be offering the full value for the collection. If this is not an option, check in doll or teddy bear magazines – many dealers will advertise in these publications.

You can often find dealers at shows who are willing to buy collections.

You can often get a one-day sales license to sell at such a show, and you will get to keep any profits that you make. Look for a local doll or teddy bear show, and contact the person or group putting it on. This website helps you find appraisers in your own area of the country.

Theriaults is a leading auction company specializing in the sale and appraisal of antique and collectible dolls. Collectors can find professional appraisers and have questions answered. If you contact her and she cannot help you, she will try to refer you to an appropriate appraiser. Please check them out carefully – their services may have changed over time.