We very often receive boxes with no identifying details or contact information. If the dolls name or manufacturer are shown on back near neck, chances are that we will be able to find the replacement parts.

Doll Fix
We cannot make sure that your box will be used to return your doll. Fees for repairs and restorations are due at the time order is placed. This is often the final doll restoration item that will restore a doll to the very best of your childhood memories.

We can make custom doll clothing to match an original or as shown in a photo or reference photograph.A complete doll restoration may include clothing. Let us fit your doll with the appropiate clothing for her era in which the doll was made.

We also remove smoke and age and odor from your old doll clothes. Contact us for information about your doll. Most repairs can be done without a lot of noticeability.

We also replace broken eyes or limbs with new ones.
Welcome to the doll lab where I try to fix messed up dolls Sorry for the wait and thanks to my subs for sticking around. This video ...

If paint is required after cleaning or if fill is required to fill defects, we will do that repair and then paint the part. Our professional doll restorers will quickly fix and return your doll. Often restoration requires replacement of eyes, rocking or stationary. If the doll repair is for a doll that is missing an arm or both arms or leg or both legs, we can replace it.

We will return your doll if for any reason you decide not to repair your doll. Some doll materials such as composition can have defects such as a hole or cracks filled or repaired.

We gladly accept hurricane, mold, mildew, fire and flood damaged dolls. Free estimates on all repairs and restorations. These tigers deliver some amazing early 90's stomp and sleaze that would make any fan of the genre drool!

We will be happy to talk to you about your repairs. And we didn't realize that in the contract, there was some small writing and it said there must be a single. The subjects were two girls and a young man who had bought the doll. The demonic entity that latched onto the doll. The doll was said to "kneel, walk, sit and sing". Linda runs back to the dumbwaiter and uses it to go back up, but it abruptly stops. Janice finds her and throws her outside the closet, and attempts to stab her with a knife. Nancy comes to rescue her through the windows and the two of them escape unharmed. Eustace after the closing of their orphanage. Janice creeped out by the doll, shuts the closet, only for it to open again. She checks the left side of her bed and sees the doll looking at her before it's grabbed by the demon. Annabelle is considered to be their most dangerous and haunted item, and has a habit of moving around unseen. Otherwise, you should close this page and view another page. If you are 18 years or older or are comfortable with graphic material, you are free to view this page. Mature pages are recommended for those who are 18 years of age and older.

Professional doll repair determines what materials to use.

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