Can you help her make sure that all of the decorations and place settings are in the correct spots?

Katherine will help this delightful young couple and their guests have a fantastic time.

Doll Bride Dress
She’s her best friend so she wants to make sure everything will be perfect for their special day. Can you help them choose everything from their gowns to the decorations for the ceremony in this bridal game for girls?

It’s devoted entirely to weddings and brides!

Can you help her and her guests choose some gorgeously green outfits and accessories in this dress-up and wedding game?Help her explore all of her options in this dress-up and bridal game.

You can join her while she chooses from all sorts of fabulous gowns and accessories. Whether you're married yourself, hoping to be, or totally single (or too young to date), you can live out a bunch of different dream weddings right here. Whether or not you've enjoyed the big day yourself, or even want to, it's fun to try on these veils and white dresses!

Plus, you can do your hair, make-up, and nails for the event. Rather not get hitched online yourself (fake as though it might be)?

You'll be putting your time-management skills to the test while you try to keep the couple themselves, as well as all their guests, happy and carefree. Every princess dreams of the day she will marry her prince. Girls can play out their wedding-day dreams with this beautiful bride wearing an exquisite wedding dress. The matrimonial outfit is completed with jewelry, including a ring and flower bouquet. A ring for the girl adds an extra dimension to role-play. It's just as the description says and looks great.

I can't wait to give it to her, she's going to love it. She's beautiful and not common, and comes with a big play diamond ring that the recipient loved almost as much as the doll itself.

I think she was more into race cars because of her dad. But, it made me happy and was as described.

I purchased this to use for a bride cake for my daughters bridal shower. With his blonde hair and her dark tresses, they make a perfect couple. When my granddaughter opened her gifts, her eyes grew wider and wider as she gazed at the grand display. She’s ready to walk down the aisle in a contemporary look that includes all the traditional accessories for a magical wedding. The strapless bodice has a pink detailed sash, and the long skirt is a satiny white with pink filigree print and sheer peplum. Matching shoes are perfect for a trip down the aisle. A pretty pink bouquet fits in her hand, ready to toss to best friends. A veil with pink headband is bridal, a pink statement necklace is stylish and a gorgeous ring on her finger is the perfect touch!

Dressed for her special day, she’s ready to begin her happily ever after -- her way. Then admire her gorgeous wedding ring and head off into the magical fairytale sunset. The top part of her dress is molded into her body and cannot be removed or changed. The doll inside was fine, but the box was not. Now i am an adult, finally be able to buy my own barbie at my wish!

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