I learned quickly from my mistake, and pierced the second ear, in my opinion, perfectly~!

I was just way too excited to do my first mod, and didn't even think of filming it.

Doll Ear Piercing
You can only safely pierce you doll's ear(s) if their earlobe is not attached to their head. If it's attached, then you're probably going to drill into its head, which would make your doll very sad and make you sad. If it is, simply erase it quickly and re-mark. Firstly, get the earring you're going to put in your doll's ear (small human ones work well for 1/3 scale dolls).Do not try to push the pin straight in – it will bend. If you work more from the front, you can see the earrings better and they fit their ear more securely. Then you can slide the pin in and pull it back out immediately. She may have 1, because the only difference is in the earrings.

We care about you and guarantee 100% untainted jewelry, tools, and equipment. The type of piercing per age is under our discretion.

Ciara'S Cool Crafts American Girl Doll Ear Piercing Tutorial

Hey everyone!

I'm back with another "Ciara's Cool Crafts"!

This craft is something for you and your American Girl Doll to enjoy!

Clients under 18 years old will need consent from legal parent(s) or guardian. Our method of body piercing is manual with a sterilized needle and body jewelry. Make sure to have an adult present while using the push pin!

Isabelle was the first to have ear-piercing available at purchase with the same earrings that modern dolls were offered. The doll comes with a set of earrings which are generally only available through piercing. A doll thus may have both hearing aids and pierced ears. Before ear piercing was offered through the company, this was the only way to have pierced ears. Standard post piercing is generally done with a large needle or pushpin and possibly the earring post directly (though this is harder). The needle/pin is then gently pushed into the vinyl to make a hole. Sizing generally allows any regular small gauge standard post earrings to be placed into the piercing. A thumb tack, needle, or smaller drill bit can make an initial guide hole; then, a 5/64" bit (2mm) can be used to make holes to the correct size. One may have to ream the hole a bit with the drill bit on high speed if too snug. This does not include outfits or accessory sets that have included earrings. These sets are the default earrings for pierced ears and are not generally sold separately. Some, like those made of ceramic material (bisque, china and parian dolls), would have been easily pierced with a needle when the heads were damp unfired clay. Wax, wood, and papier mache heads were likely pierced after the heads were created. These dolls were sometimes pierced with a needle or the holes were drilled with a small drill bit. The holes are drilled through the lobe for a natural look. Drilling actual holes in a resin doll’s ears is an advantage if the doll will be wearing heavy earrings, or if the earrings will be changed regularly. Doll heads which have most of the back of their ear molded to the head may not be able to be pierced in this manner.

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Charlotte'S Ear Piercing~ A Doll Film

My Barbie visits the salon & spa to get her ears pierced. In the end she realized she shouldn't have brought her sister along!

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