New, though does have price tag on front cover and store stamp on back. Read" hardcover book with adorable projects plus a fun story for the kids.

Doll Furniture Pattern
One is dressed in raincoat with umbrella, one is dressed for the beach, one is dressed for school, and one is in nurse's scrubs. Also includes alternate color options and 7 different how- to technique tutorials. Graduated ring- shaped stackers with a doll hidden inside!

Crochet boy and girl 15" dolls in worsted and light weight yarns.Crochet an heirloom-quality wedding ensemble from size 30 and size 10 crochet cotton for a 13" plush bear. Patterns for 39 crocheted dolls of various types, along with suggestions on how to create an original face for soft-sculpture dolls. Please note that these publications come from various sources, and may have been stored in a smoking environment. Feel free to make suggestions if you are looking for a particular item.

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I have many new and exciting things planned for the coming year. But do check out the blog and leave us comments. Thanx for offering this beautiful pattern.

I read the instructions once more and it states that the fabric shouldn't be too stretchy.

I made uit of some scrap fabrics and it turned out so so baggy. Share it with your friends so they can enjoy it too!

You will need the basic understanding of how to use a sewing machine and be familiar with sewing straight seams.

We want to give you the chance to test our patterns and ensure that you’re happy before you buy any. And the best part, the amazing part, is that it’s our free gift to you. Scroll down and see what we have included. It can be great birthday gift for children to act out plays and movies, and beyond that, crochet large ones for new babies can be possible with t-shirt yarn and metal frame. And the crochet doll carrier is just the right thing for them to carry around and enjoy the fun.

I am an experienced seamstress, but others may benefit from this in the next edition. Amigurumi toys are always fun and easy for beginners to crochet something useful to enhance the crocheting skills, and these toys are basically crocheted out of single crochet stitch. The sweet gentleman who helped us liked the book.

I also wish there were simple patterns for bed coverings and chair pillows.

We painted the furniture a lovely yellow with sunflower transfers. My local store (the orange one) cut the wood to size for me, so we just needed to assemble it, sand it, etc. The bed was easy to build, the armoire was challenging. Flower painting is not one of my talents, so we used rub ons from the craft store.

We painted it blue with a cascade of morning glories. Think twice before buying this one or at least find one to look at in person before hand. My brother-in-law is making the picnic table & my niece told me that they were surprised & how small it is looking.

Making Doll Furniture In Wood

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Seems like more than one project is not quite up to the 18" par. Thankfully my hubby is a skilled woodworker & can expand the dimensions, but if he is going to have to come up with his own pattern this book would have best been left on the shelf. Look ahead as you try to make a project and make the necessary alterations.

I did have to make some adjustments due to the not-so-clear instructions. Simmons is not accurate in describing the steps and there are descrepancies in the diagrams. If you try to make a project, figure that you will have problems. Each project includes a list of all materials needed and details the start-to-finish procedure, from preparing wood to staining and painting the piece. Did you leave that tab on or cut it off with metal snips/wire cutters?

My 7-year-old granddaughter is the lucky recipient!

I am using leather to create the flap closers. The back of the buckle has an extra tab with a hole in it so it can be attached to a scrapbook page with the little spread-pin that came with them.

Doll Furniture Pattern

I am using them for making two of your backpacks.

I put together a ten minute intro video to tell you a little more about each version of the dolls’ backpacks and the fabrics and supplies you might need.

american girl doll pattern making doll furniture