The doll holds water inside and drips for a long time after removing from the tub. So disappointed because now it's just basically a plastic bowl.

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She absolutely loved it and all the accessories that came with it and he fact that it can actually hold water beneath the sprayer. The cult's leader has convinced a mysterious stranger to join forces in an effort to unleash madness. Atrocious storyline, poor script, poor camera work, and very amateurish acting. The bath is a bit flimsy and cheap (the shower head holder came apart immediately upon opening the package) but the rest of it is great.She is in love with it now and spends lots of time bathing and putting lotion on her new baby. Giving the baby a bath helps us when it comes time for her bath. Give this doll a try for your little ones, you won’t regret it. My sister said she plays with it everywhere including the bathtub!

Absolutely flawless from beginning to end. It’s super easy for mom to clean up and very versatile for baby to play with.

The new one arrived in just a few days and, again, within a very short time the same part broke. Doll has articulated neck, arms, and legs and her eyes open and close. Bathtub features moving showerhead that sprays water. After bath, change the doll from bathrobe to a cute baby onesie. Made from realistically molded plastic, the doll can be immersed in the included bathtub, scrubbed with the loofah sponge and play soaps, then dried off with a hooded towel. Let us know if you have any other questions. Another tip is making sure you press after each seam you sew. You’ll get a much more professional look!!

I would love to make a pair for my granddaughter’s dolls. Yes, it should open in google docs and you should be able to print from there. My only suggestion is to try downloading it first?

It should be a full 8 1/2″ x 11″ page pattern. They love staying active as a family and going on trips in their vintage camper. Sarah loves to sing, make pretty things and eat tacos. On your sewing maching it usually is the line with the 10. Just a little more than the edge of the sewing foot.

I believe the pattern is already taking seem allowance into consideration.

I would save it to your computer to be sure, a and make sure you are viewing it at 100% – but it shouldn’t be tricky. Anything under 1/2″ wide would probably work best!

Please let me know if you need anymore help!!

I don’t think it really matters, just be sure to turn the waist over to create an opening wide enough to hold whatever you have on hand. After you’ve done that, sew the sides of the lining (or the second front that you folded over) in the same seam when you sew the side seams. The reason being is our printer paper is too small to hold the entire leg. The 3/8 seam allowance is figured into the pieces.

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I don’t have the doll to measure) thanks!

I may work on tackling some beginning sewing skills videos. The instructions do call for you to do this to the back, it is just slightly more challenging in the front. So, you are sewing one front and the backs together. Then you put the right sides together of the two fronts. Meaning if you lay what you just sewed on a flat surface with the brightest side of the material up, or the side that is going to show. Take the second front that you have and lay the side that is going to show on top of it. Now, you should be looking at the wrong side of the front fabric (that will be on the inside eventually), and you are looking at the right sides of the back fabric.

You are going to then “stitch in the ditch”.

You press it open and sew the seam you just created to one side. If you don’t get this, just fold the second front (lining) in place and press the neckline.

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I had downloaded the old version of the pattern a while ago and misplaced the directions someho.

You could use a small piece on top or use a strip across the whole opening.

I can put in buttons, but wasn’t quite sure if that was what was intended. The pictures are not enough help foyer me.

I have a question about the pajama shirt back.

I am going to make two pairs for my granddaughters. Could you please let me know how much fabric is needed for the top and bottoms. Would love your help to get access to sewing patterns.

I have tried 2 days in a row with no success. Can’t wait to try another one of your patterns.

I am a retired teacher living on a fixed income and have a six year old granddaughter.

I am going to make the shirt later today.

You will need basic sewing skills and a good grasp of how a pattern goes together and where to sew, etc. The slope and curvature of the front and back is different. This is on purpose because the back and front of your doll are different sizes!

I am a visual person, is there a tutorial video or clse up picture of how to make the pajama top?

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