This stupid doll is going to haunt my dreams for weeks. Plenty of moms and dads have a little container or envelope where they keep a few, or if they’re really committed, all of their child’s baby teeth.

Doll Baby Teeth
While some might find it odd, it’s safe to say that no one will shudder at the idea of a keepsake box full of baby teeth stowed away somewhere in your bedroom. It’s when you shove those teeth inside a stuffed toy’s mouth in what can only be described as dabbling in the macabre that people might start to look at you funny. It’s understandable to feel sentimental where your kids are concerned.

I saved a few of my daughter’s pacifiers and locks of both kids’ hair from their first trims.It’s absolutely normal to want to hang on to these things as a memento of their childhood. However, it’s just not right to make what appears to be a voodoo doll with a gruesome grin full of your kid’s baby teeth. There’s little room for argument here, everyone. A good keepsake should invoke feelings of love and nostalgia.

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He would put them in envelopes nd notes 2 the tooth fairy.

Voices In The Walls!

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But other than that it is a sentimental item 2 me with all the lil envelopes nd notes on them.

I can deal with cold but just not into the snow.

I still have all of my daughters baby teeth. The dentist told me to save them as one never knows if they can use or do something later on which will help cosmetically in restoration.

I love my kids to the moon and back, but nope!

Wondering what to do with baby teeth after they fall out?

Discover saving baby teeth ideas like baby teeth jewelry and saving baby teeth for stem cells!

Losing baby teeth (also called milk teeth) becomes an obsession for kids around the ages of 5-8. Kids compare how many they lose, show off wiggly ones, and share what the tooth fairy brought them. It’s a fun and exciting milestone for kids!

The reason many people did this was because they considered lost teeth to be gross. Second, they couldn’t imagine that someday their child would actually want to still have them!

Some are smart and at least remember to also slip in a piece of paper with the tooth, or write on the outside of the bag the child’s name, what day they lost it, and what tooth it was. But, stem cells harvested from baby teeth could help save your child’s life someday. If you have multiple kids, be sure label each bottle with each child’s name.

I guess if we bury bodies under the ground, burying teeth makes just as much sense. And works toward completing that circle of life thing.

You can see how various substances affect teeth (think colas, coffees, and teas) versus other liquids and chemicals. There are many “my first curl and my first tooth” gift sets out there that make for more heirloom-esque, sentimental, keepsakes than some of the other options in this article. Which of the above creative things to do with baby teeth appeals most to you?

And why in the world would you want to save them!?

That’s a very creepy monster doll right there, yikes!

But the fact they stayed a part of my childhood gave it a different special meaning. Start laundering smarter & save your clothes.

The Tooth Monster Doll Is A Pinterest Craft

amazon toys baby teeth voices the walls babyt 1
Plush tooth monsters made of children's baby teeth. Instead of teddy bears, though, she decided to make her own dolls. When she received a positive response, she started turning the operation into a lucrative business. There's an entire section on her site devoted to informing potential customers that they may not send teeth and/or glass eyes to make custom dolls. Did you scroll all this way to get facts about baby doll with teeth?

The most common baby doll with teeth material is wood.

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Funny good baby and baby born doll Brush your teeth and indoor playground Play Nursery Rhymes Songs.

amazon toys baby teeth voices the walls babyt 2