Patterns are in pdf files for easy printing. Thanks for your great creative ideas and patterns!

Doll Clothes Sewing Patterns Free
I added straps, as you can see and it all turned out great. The pattern printed the right size straight away, and as you can see from the pics it fits a dream.

I made my first dress for my 6 yr old and she loved it!!

In fact it turned out so well the little girl next door wants me to make her one.The pattern printed in the correct size which was awesome!

Made dress last night, bodice is perfect. Skirt is made with about 1” ½ less material. Red marks on bodice are guides for darts. Had a little trouble with gather of skirt, but all up very impressed with first try. My daughter is turning 6 this weekend and is having a party where she wants to "craft sew" for the activity.
Sewing Doll Clothes Tutorial Part 1: Deconstructing a factory made outfit, converting it into a pattern, and creating something new.

I made it into a 7-step process and they will be sewing by hand (yikes!). Either way, thanks for the pattern and instructions!

That also includes printing out the pattern and cutting it out, pinning, and cutting fabric. Here's the finished product (my daughter wanted a full-length gown). The skirt is rather short because the piece of fabric was narrow.

I wouldn’t have been able to make them without your help. Be cause knit fabrics don’t unravel, there is no need to finis h the seam allowances of knits. The width of fabric is the other direction, perpendicular to the selvage edge. Be sure to cut off the selvage edge before pinning and cutting pattern pieces. And check the remnant bin at your local fabric store. Narrow lace and ribbons also work well for embellishing your doll’s outfits and accessories. Whatever you choose, your doll will like too. Use the tracings to cut out the fabric pieces. Fold the paper patterns neatly and store them in a plastic bag or manila envelope when you are finished with the project. Gain a bunch of new sewing skills with the help of easy directions and tons of pictures. Comes with plenty of great tips that’ll teach you to sew like a pro!

Erin, the author, must really know the heart of the person who wants to start sewing but doesn't know how, because she takes you through the process from the very beginning and explains everything a person needs to know to buy and work with fabric to make a complete project. The projects in this book are adorable and creative!

And that is the case with each of the 22 projects in this book.

I think working on small projects such as doll clothes helps build sewing skills while not using a ton of fabric or taking a lot of time to complete.

I am a sewing teacher and have offered this as a curriculum choice for the first time to my students as young as 8. Each one has been a frustration free delight. My daughter has improved in her skill just from the few projects she has made from this book.

We have made 7 of them so far, and each has been less fabric than a fat quarter.

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When doll clothes cost more than people clothes, it's worth it to learn how to sew your own!

Even after adding 1/4" to the center back pattern pieces, the clothes are all much too tight to meet in back. This, by far, has been the most helpful book that we purchased. The directions were very clear and detailed. Before we knew it, we had lots of cute doll clothes.

I also love that the book calls mostly for fat quarters, which keeps the expenses down and allows us to make one project after another.

I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to learn how to sew doll clothes, but younger kids will need to work with an adult.

I love how they show the difficulty level before starting but if you do the projects in order there shouldn't be any issues. The pictures and simple terms they use make it easy to understand how to make dresses, bags, skirts, etc for an 18inch doll. If you or know a lil girl that loves playing with dolls than this book is a must have. A must have for those wanting to make doll clothes.

Doll Clothes Sewing Patterns Free

I am teaching my grand-daughters, ages 10 and 7, to sew doll clothes for their dolls, and this book is so much help. Starting with the very basics such as what is needed in a sewing box, easy explanations, photos and descriptions. This will also teach valuable lessons for future sewing, not just for dolls!!

The patterns included will take your doll from morning to night. It was easy enough for a 2 10 yr olds to do with a little help. One had never used a sewing machine before & her skirt came out just as adorable. There are lots of great pieces with lots of customizing potential!

Trace around the cardboard templates onto your fabricwith a fabric marking pen, then draw a second line outside the first as your cutting line.

JanelWasHere Doll Patterns

Sew an assortment of plush cloth dolls with this collection of over fifty free cloth & rag doll patterns (including quite a few felt doll patterns) gathered from all over the web. Sewing these small items can take a bit of patience, but it's a great way to turn fabric scraps into something special. And once you try these patterns, you'll also find more tutorials through the different sites for making other clothing pieces and accessories. Within no time, your fashion dolls can host a full fashion show!

This basic tee is one one of their free patterns, and it certainly a useful one!

That's helpful when you have kids who love playing and changing up outfits. Learn how to make these pieces and just change up the fabrics and a few extra details!

She walks you through the process, then shows how to adapt the dresses into other styles. Once you learn this technique, the possibilities are endless!

And most come with free video tutorials too!

Plus, it has the look of a full skirt without any special fasteners.Just attach it in the back with hook and loop tape!

The process looks long, but once you have the pattern drafted, you can make lots of shirts in different styles!

Tips For Sewing Doll Clothes

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