They’ll even have more legroom and stability thanks to a larger cockpit area and increased wheel base. And there’s room to bring a friend along for the ride to double the enjoyment.

Doll Car Seat Nz
Jeep grille, roll-bars, and front & back fenders, kids will feel like they’re driving the real thing!

Deluxe model offers extra features like a working radio, doors that open & close, “chrome” accents and working lights!

Tears from children fighting over who got to go first!

Note that depending on your child's skill, they may or may not get it.One five year old spent an hour trying to master reverse, and ultimately gave up and focused on making a ribbon seat belt instead. At any given time, there were between 2 and 5 children on this vehicle, and it crept on and never felt especially unsafe to most of us. The kids (age 2-5) did not care what color it was, or whose face was on the front. We've owned it about 6 months and have had no issues with it. The radio plays nice and clear, it has a real suspension system in the front end, plenty of power when fully charged, and it seems to hold it's charge for several hours of continued use. The light bar doesn't actually project light like headlights but looks cool at dusk when it's lit up.

The only downside to owning it is the ruts my girls have worn in the yard from riding it so much!

As others have stated, the hardest part are all the stickers. Our 3 yr old granddaughter is beyond thrilled and we are so happy. My granddaughters are 5 years old and very tall.

I was worried these jeeps would be too little for them. It was a huge hit with all the kids as well. It is also compatible with three different infant car seat, it has a clean fold and an airflow vent panel.

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