The new fish-i-fied looks blend elements of their family scaritage, personal style and life under the sea. Use her tail to stand this fishy character on her own and really make a splash.

Doll Fins
Take the plunge with them -- you won’t believe what awaits you under the waves!

Collect all of the film dolls to recreate the underwater action and monster fun (each sold separately, subject to availability). Each has a tail with curl or fins that allow the dolls to stand on their own. A deadly creature, just like our favorite were-cat!Her tail can open and she can stand on it!

Her fins behind her can move so you can really fan them out, or remove them to dress her. But seriously, she is amazing and you should definitely pick her up!

It is great quality, looks adorable, and we love that it can stand on its own. If you love saltwater fish and the ocean these are a great alternative to enjoy :). Doesnt look like any other mermaid doll you would see in toy stores.

She is inspired by the lionfish and has cute "wings" which can glow in the dark. She is also able to stand on her own without a stand. Tail fin came off very easily and we have lost it somewhere in the house, but maybe we'll find it. She also loves how the tail piece comes off. The glass eyes give the doll an aesthetic quality that is unparalleled by other dolls of similar, or even higher, prices. Her eyes are shinny, and she glows really good. Pretty sparkly makeup and moon & stars eyes!

My daughter is having the best time playing with this doll. Now they can play with the glow in the dark dolls and have fun!

I love mermaids and this doll really appeals to me. She is awesome because she glows in the dark.

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