Dark lipstick and flowing hair complete her enchanting look. The other two were gifts for little girls and she is just gorgeous.

Doll Daily Routine
Her dress and shoes are what originally got my attention.

I honestly hate to give it away and could keep it as a collector's item. The only problem with her is that she can't stand up by herself nor keep her shoes on. There is a stand included, but still kinda bummed she needs some support.United by friendship, these teens find their inner heroes and help you uncover yours, too!

And she can stand alone to capture an awesome pose or an action moment. Fans will recognize the classic colors, iconic symbols and action-ready elements. Blue platforms, a black cuff and color-streaked pigtails complete the recognizable look. And her giant mallet and black mask provide powerful additions for storytelling fun!

Collect them all to expand your capabilities for super fun (each sold separately, subject to availability).

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Hi friends in this video you watch One Morning Routine for Barbie and Her Lazy Sister in Pink Doll House, Barbie & ken Evening ...

Fashions include elements from original super heroes while accessories highlight the characters super powers. Articulation allows for lots of action and super hero poses. My daughter's only complaint is that they're a little too tall to be played with alongside her 12" dolls. She modest and strong looking, she's beautiful. Even our nephew enjoys playing with these!

This annoys me, especially since one is way off the mold guide. She can hold the mallet up to a point but it's a little heavy for one hand and with two hands it's hard to make the pose look natural. Harley needs a wider grin and freakier eyes, after all. The size is good and the toy is well made, as they have taken a slight beating from some rough play with other toys, but so far nothing has broken off or fallen apart. This is a beautiful doll with a lot of detail and bold block colors. It stands at 12 inches, which is a great size and is a stylish super hero action figure for girls.

I will refrain and allow my niece to open the package.

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