Your newborn will feel like you are lying right next to them in the crib. Even some parents (especially loud snorers) use it to provide soothing white noise while they sleep!

Doll Baby Sleep
One press will produce real-life breathing and heartbeat sounds for 8 hours!

Ready to provide your baby with a feeling of closeness and help improve their sleep?

The idea of a doll that has a heart beat and breathing sounds seemed like a great solution to help a baby/toddler that is struggling with sleep, unfortunately it did nothing for either of my kids.

I brought it with us when we went places as suggested for a lovey.Tried again, and again and one last time at 18 months. They love their stuffed animals and other toys, but this doll just has no appeal. From my personal view, it isn't a bad looking toy but it doesn't have the same cuteness factor and maybe that is why they don't like it as much. My baby has been taking only 20 minute naps throughout the day, it was so hard.

I think he finds it extremely comforting. My 16 month old has slept through the night since we got this doll.

Baby Puts The Dolls To Sleep For Children
Baby puts the dolls to sleep for children.

She was waking at least 1-2 times a night before and now she sleeps through. Going to remove the voice box and put it under the pillow so she can hold the baby. It is their way to fight sleep and protest what is about to happen. With one of my boys, it helped a bit to start the pre-sleep routine outside of the room then move into the room.

You can also have him distracted as you start the routine by singing or something. And something to look forward to (like a lovey) can help the sleep transition go smoother. Don't worry, this usually goes away before too long (although it may pop back up a few other times with developmental stages). Now, my question is what to do when she wakes up in the middle of the night outside feeding schedule?

When you start stretching things out at bedtime (like starting with 10 minutes first etc) then you'd do that in the middle of the night too. Weissbluth day and night routines can differ because we are training different parts of the brain. The first 3 nights of sleep training, she would fall asleep after an hour or so after being put to bed.

I wake her up at 6 and usually get home at 5:30 and bedtime at 7:30. Before we started this process, she would only take 40 minute naps. During the first week of sleep training, she would take at least one long (hour & 40 minutes or so) nap a day. For the last few days, she refuses to nap longer than 45 minutes a nap.

I am trying to do only 3 naps a day now ( down from 4). Likely she does need the longer nap, especially if she wakes cranky. Babies are more likely to extend them that short. This is our 3rd child and he is now 5 months old, cuter than cute can be!

I like that too, our 5 month old has never slept well, after he would fall asleep he would wake every 30 minutes - all. Unless he was in our bed nursing, then he'd wake up and suck a little and fall back to sleep. This doesn't work well for me when mama is gone two-three nights per week, working. If he falls asleep after nursing or after a bottle he maybe sleeps 45 minutes otherwise it's 4 20-30 minute naps per day. Do we try to extend them by "ferberizing" him when he wakes after 20-30 minutes or just get him up even if he's tired and cranky?

When night sleep is better then you might want to work on naps more.

I nuts her and put her back but then she wakes every 20 minutes to an hour after that.

I throw out a bunch of useless info at you!. If she's recently done 6-8 hours, you may be able to wean a bit quicker than some babies who haven always eaten all. Drop a few minutes every couple days to one feed at a time. Don't let her eat sooner than the 'scheduled' time, you don't want backtracking with this one. So the ferberizing and feeding at the same time is a touching confusing, but it does work out.

I would wean some, not just drop all feeds cold turkey. Alhthough if he's recently been going much longer, you may be able to wean a touch quicker. One other way of going about this to be less confusing is to set your alarm to feed baby an hour earlier than he normally wakes to eat. That way if he wakes after that you won't feel stressed that he's hungry and you don't have to worry about reinforcing the crying by feeding sometimes but not others.

The first week it would take about an hour to get him to sleep, then week 2, about 30-45 minutes. Now we're on week 3 and it's still taking up to 30-45 minutes to get him to sleep. But some nights and naps he'll just talk/cry for 10 minutes and then be out. She had been waking up 1-2 times a night wanting to eat for 15 mins and then going right back to sleep. Cried one hour and was down from 11pm-7:30am.

I was thinking of trying this method with my 4 month olds naps. They sleep pretty good at night, but are terrible day sleepers. Their naps only last about 30 minutes--on a good day!

Ferber'S Sleep Training Method Progressive Waiting Checks Controlled Crying ~ My Baby Sleep Guide

Many people find that separating twins during nap time is very beneficial (not just during sleep training, but on a long term basis). Ferber in preparation for sleep training our 4 month old. Do you think with this modified version we can still teach him to sleep?

If that is what you mean, this may or may not work depending on your child. Some children will get much worse if things aren't more consistent than this, but others will show much progress. He's sleeping from 7-4 waking up 1-2x but puts himself back to sleep within 5 min. My son kept waking up every hour and then it would take 2 hours to get him down. Did you find that your child woke up every hour or so when you started this method?

He used to be great at putting himself to sleep and sleeping through the night but for some reason does not seem to in his crib. It was so hard to listen to her cry for so long. Before she used to nurse to sleep and when she would wake up during the night, the breast was there to sooth her.She finally fell asleep after 2 hrs, was asleep for about 3 hrs. For naps, leave her for 1 hour then get her up for a bit and put her back down again when she's tired (probably pretty soon).

We started last night and he fell asleep after 2 hours in his crib. The second feeding, we kept him in the bed till the morning. If he falls asleep around his nap time just playing on his quilt, should we move him to his crib or is it ok to leave him where he is?

When we put him down for the nap, and he's not crying or fussing, just talking to himself, do we still need to go in?

Baby Doll Bed Time Feeding Time Putting Baby To Sleep Doll Crib Playset

Playing with baby doll. Feeding baby putting baby to sleep and rocking baby doll in the crib. Compilation video for children.

I have a 5 month old who only sleeps 25-30 mins at nap time. Can you please explain day time sleep for me. If he cries for 30 minutes but doesn't fall asleep, get him up and try again later.

I personally usually suggest trying for an hour at nap time if baby doesn't fall asleep, then call it quits. It says don't let them sleep more then usual during nap time. His first nap was 30 mins, second nap 1hr 52min and last nap was 1hr 45min. Look at the short nap post and the extending nap post for more on that. What do you mean by reduce the wake time length before bed??

At his next feeding though, he will almost always fall asleep because he is still tried because he missed the nap or didn't sleep long enough. You'll find some tips on the sleepy newborn post to keep him awake. It'll get easier with time, and as the naps improve. The first night it took my 8 month old 1 hr to fall asleep with her fussing on and off, then 50 min night 2, 45 night 3, but then 1 hr again night 4. She has also been waking about 3 hours after falling asleep and then it takes another 30 min.She has been waking around 3:30 or 4 and wanting to nurse and then going back to sleep until 6:30 or 7.

I would expect to some some changes in the next few days. Some babies can take a couple weeks before they really start to figure it out.

I would make sure you are being consistent as possible and not giving double messages. It helps calm her and has helped her sleep before. She is 3 months but her getting to sleep routine is getting worse and worse.

I don't love it because it isn't continuous.

You can always keep it if you really think it helps, but keep in mind that you may need to get rid of it later (and go through that change) if it obviously causes issues. Right now he usually sleeps 8:30pm-8am with usually no night time wakings, my problem is he relies on nursing to be put to sleep for bedtime and naps.

I wake him at 7 am right off the bat if he's still asleep or wait for his bedtime to be adjusted?

However after three checks, her crying was gradually getting worse. She cried for about 40 min in total the first night and then went to bed with no crying on nights 2&3. Night 4 had less than 10 min of crying and night 5 again was no crying. Turns out she had a burp and spit up a little. This makes me think how do we come up with a plan for days like these (sickness, teething, milestones etc) when the sleep will be affected and some extra comforting may be needed. Or because she didn't really cry much the other days and its soon enough in training, can we implement some sort check and console plan when she is sick?

You will want to check on her, but keep it to a minimum then. Every child is different and reacts differently to these checks. Some will need some sleep training after the event or will start to sleep worse if checked on or held and you'l have to be very careful about this.

Other children will just sleep normal again right after the event. You'll have to see what happens and adjust to that (check on less or more etc).

I rarely wait that long l, do you agree with that time range?

I really need some advice with regards to my little girl. Grace used to be a great sleeper, she slept through the night from the time she came home and never had a dummy. If we were supposed to wait ten minutes and he quiets down 3 minutes in, but starts up again, do we reset the clock and do the full 10 from there?

I would try to wake him up and feed him an hour sooner than he normally eats, to prevent the crying and getting a feed issue.

You will start timed checks when you put baby down after the feed and once it is totally dropped.

I would attempt sleep for 1 hour at naps. If you are doing checks at night, go ahead and continue during the day.

You can do it at separate amounts for naps, just be consistent with whatever you do for naps or night.

I would 1)make sure he has an early bedtime to help offset the bad naps and 2) be consistent with the methods. If he only falling asleep being held or in a stroller etc--it is not being consistent. He should only be falling asleep in his bed for naps. Every time he falls asleep elsewhere, it is making the future sleep for naps harder.

I started to ferberize my 4 months old baby yesterday and after 1h of crying he finally went back to sleep. So far... very normal but my question is more about the early wakings.

I also want to move him to his own room at some point. Do you think it's too much to do both at the same time or is it a good idea to combine the two?

Any suggestions on tackling this and the getting him to sleep on his own without rocking?

Sometimes, once the feeds are less frequent, baby will start to wake less frequent all on his own. Also his naps vary from 45 minutes to 2 hours, is this okay or should they be the same length?!

I would double check that you are being totally consistent. She is a great sleeper in the rock n play, but she is getting to big for it and we know it's time for her to be in her crib. We've put a wedge in the crib to replicate the incline, but she moves around while she's screaming and ends up off it pretty quickly. They say she cries for a minute or two and then rolls over on her side, sucks her thumb and falls asleep.Most babies don't have much of a problem, but as you've witnessed, some definitely will!

I have a feeling she may be purposely fighting her parents or maybe you are not consistently leaving her there to figure it out?

He doesn't seem to ever lay down and eventually go to sleep. After 2 hours he is still just crying and screaming. So if after 30 minutes he has not settled and fallen asleep do you just pick baby up and skip nap?

I just want to make sure neither of you goes through any more crying than needed. After 1 hour, get baby up and put baby down again when tired (likely very soon) and start the process over again, making sure baby isn't hungry etc. Try try try to not have baby all asleep on you then or it will reinforce the crying also.

I know some methods will say that it's fine to happen (like the no-cry sleep solution), but it really will make the whole process take longer which is not what anyone works. That said, don't beat yourself up if you are not 100% consistent, do you best. He cried and yelled for a little under 3 hours.

You have to look at the bigger picture, and you have to look at what is going on with baby.

He is feeling unsettled because he is tired and wants to fall asleep but doesn't know how to do it on his own and is frustrated while trying to figure it out. That length of time is pretty long, but it is that long sometimes. He went to sleep fine at first, slept 2 hours, then woke and started to cry.

I had been feeding baby 2 times a night at no specific time since he would wake randomly.

I don't want to hinder all the work we have done by picking him up. Last night was the forest night we dropped the night feeding and he did fine. But if you don't get him up for a feed st 2, he may wake at some other time, or he may sleep through. She had to be held and rocked to sleep before starting this and slept next to me in a vibrating bassinet. She is now in her own room in her own non-vibrating crib. The first night she cried for about 30 with checks and then finally went to sleep and woke up 2 times to eat and back to sleep with little crying.

We are one week in and she is consistently waking up only once to eat and right back to sleep. Every night now she consistently takes 10-15 minutes of crying before she goes to sleep. Because we are on day 7 we don't go in and check on her we just let her cry for the 10-15 minutes and then she sleeps. Naps she falls asleep on her own but she won't sleep in her crib.

We tried a couple times but we don't want her to hate her crib. She only naps for 30-40 minutes 3-4 times a day. So my questions should she not be crying at all at this point when going to bed at first through the night?

Should we try again with the naps and if we do what times do we put her down in her crib for a nap as her nap times are all over the place. She fell asleep after hour and 20 minutes, most of which was flat out screaming.

I plan to stick with it for atleast a week.Once she falls asleep usually around 830 she sleeps til 6.

You might have more success if you go in less frequently, and start your checks at a higher time interval.

I would also stay less than a few minutes. A long interval check can agitate some babies a lot more. She slept like a log after she falls asleep, last night 10 hours!

She starts screaming right after bath until she's nursing, and as doo as she's done nursing the screaming begins. Do make sure she has something to go to sleep with that she finds soothing too, if she's old enough.Also, she may cry for a few days on and off as she gets older--children sometimes have phases of doing that as they change developmentally. Maybe make sure she isn't too sleepy when put down, but also that she has a a nice relaxing routine prior. Also, consider whether she is overtired before bed. She's eating cereal before bathtime now and seems to be a bit happier afterwards.

We are on day 15 and it took 50 minutes of screaming, with one check at 25 mins. For some babies is this just as good as it gets you think?

We've tried several times with the training and she has gone passed 2 hours of screaming which was too long for us. So she still gets naps in arms while rocking, cars or strollers. She suddenly started eating more at night and refused to eat during the day!

I think the problem is that she associates the bottle with sleep and wont eat because she thinks we are trying to make her go to sleep. She is now eating about 19 oz during the day and one 8oz bottle before bed.

I put her in her crib (she is usually asleep by 7:30). Tonight i let her cio on her own and didnt check on her (i watched her from the camera) and she fell asleep after 40 mins. She eats about 5-6oz and goes back to sleep until about 4am.

I read that you shouldnt let your baby sleep after waking up in the morning.

I keep her up for a couple of hours and then let her go back to sleep?

I started this method last night with my 6 month old son.

I started with 3 minutes, then 5, then 10 and he didn't fall asleep until 3am.

I put him down and he still hasn't fallen asleep.

I would 1) make sure to be 100% consistent and 2) consider decreasing how often you check on baby and how long you check on baby.

lulla doll sleep
It is normal for a child's cries to escalate for a short time after you check on then. But the problem is, her crib is in our bedroom and we have no other option to sleep in separate rooms. Would we still use the same method in the middle of the night (ignoring her until the timed checks) even though we must remain in the room?

Yes, you'd use the same method in the middle of the night while sharing rooms. On a positive note, once he falls asleep, he does sleep through the night. Some sites have claimed you should take a break after 7 nights if it isn't working.

I would personally never stop after night 7 then start up again.

I would do either just bedtime/night then naps a couple weeks later or bedtime and naps together.

I know it may be too early to sleep train., but are some good habits we can implement now besides nap routine?

I want to improve the napping situation and rid of the pacifier and bouncing on ball to get her sleepy. Getting her into the habit of sleeping longer for naps often results in them extending out by themselves eventually (you can try a swing, give a pacifier etc). The ball you can try to fade out of, like do it for less time, until less tired, etc.<