Eight lovely brides and handsome grooms pose for their special day. Thanks so much for all of the trouble you go to, to make these cozy memories for us paper doll lovers.

Doll Bookmarks
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I think you are more talented than many in the field. They are all beautiful, all priceless, at least in my "book".

I was entranced by your website and will no doubt get many more hours of enjoyment from visiting it, and, of course, ordering!As these are just one-in-stock items, you need to move fast to get them. At this update (spring 2013) we have rather a large inventory of vintage paper dolls and other paper products, and uploading to the site as fast as we can. Sometimes we handle estates and collections for other people.

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Even though the books are public domain, we cannot republish them as they have the name and likenesses of such stars. If you must return product for refund, you are required to phone with the reason why, within one week of receipt of your product.

Easy Origami Craft How To Make A Japanese Doll Bookmark

This easy origami craft will also yield some cute little bookmarks. All you need is some colourful paper and the easy printable ...

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I think they look very elegant with the darker toned tunic (the ivory coordinates with the color of the blossoms). The waist can be pulled down lower over the doll’s hips or pushed up a bit to create a blouson look. The gathered elastic low waist forms a soft, feminine silhouette, which is echoed by the gathered neckline and sleeves. The gold details match the fun doll jewelry!

The print and colors on this blouse are fabulous.

I love the pink buds and pale, nearly-white blossoms. The flowers are edged in glittering gold, which sparkles in the sunlight. Plum blossom print and gathered low waist. This ensemble features a tunic-length short-sleeved blouse in crisp cotton, a matching headband, and ivory knit leggings/pants.

I was especially hoping to find outfits or dresses that featured a plum or cherry blossom print or motif. To me her coloring really comes alive in cool spring tones and strong contrasts. Mei-mei has a lovely light latte-colored skin tone which contrasts strongly with her dark eyes and nearly black hair. Mei-mei sometime later in the spring, because she’s a truly gorgeous and unique doll. Close this dialog to confirm you are happy with that. Once you’ve finished weaving, you can easily turn your work into a stylish bookmark. Here’s another crafty idea using assorted scraps. With brand new resources added on weekly basis you will never run out of fun things to make with your kids (either as a parent or as a teacher). Flip on the other side, and place a wing (through the inner hole) on the brad. Push the brads through the holes on the bat body. Optional, but handy, glue the craft stick on the back of the puppet. Punch through the holes (adult help needed for younger kids).

Now cut out all the pieces of the template. Once the template is printed, color it in with your favorite coloring supplies.

You will need heavier print paper for this craft project, or regular one and will need to laminate it. Making lots of these to surprise my granddaughter.

I was going to give this as a present to my granddaughter but am returning it instead. Looks like the entire book has just been photocopied instead of professionally printed. All of the pictures are not only black and white but a faded blurry gray that is hard to see. This is a great beginner's book and one that a older child could use with supervision.

I don't think it's simple enough to turn my 9 year old daughter loose with it.

You need to make your own patterns really. It's not really confusing but the step by step directions could be a little clearer and the patterns could be set up more conveniently.

Doll Bookmarks

Clair taught herself dollmaking by reading pattern guides, books, and magazines. Skills in tearing fabric and cutting along a pulled thread are taught. Beginning fabric skills are taught with simple projects to sew bed clothes for a doll. Stitching bookmarks introduces machine sewing and zigzagging. The book gives the student a place to start and then builds on the initial skills. This book includes instructions and full size patterns for 18" doll clothes.

Tangled Bookmar Diy Rapzunel Corner Bookmark How To Disney Princesses Crafts


You asked for Rapunzel DIYs.

You get!

Love Tangled. And Tangled DIYs.

We have a lovely Tangled Bookmark Corner DIY ...

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