So infant newborn baby sleeps well in the bassinet stroller. Lightweight anti-rust aluminium alloy stroller frame is durable and feels smooth.

Doll Carriage Toddler
Strictly control the dangerous cracks in the baby carriage to avoid hidden accidental pinch. Adjustable full canopy with more sunshade reflects ultraviolet radiation. Have a try, if not satisfied return at any time. Top customer service team offer best service to make you satisfied!Bike-like free inflation rubber wheels can no-effort to smooth push on all terrains. Foldable luxury stroller frame closes compact and fits in your trunk. The 4 wheels are made of original nat-rubber to make it durable for a long time, the smell of rubber is healthy. Not sure if it's defective but upon further inspection, the mechanism which holds the handle in the carriage appears to be rather flimsy. Certainly something that is concerning going forward.

I wouldn't hold the carriage using the handle when not in the stroller.
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Other then that there were minor scratches that you cant even tell unless your up close looking for a scratch.

We love it because it has ventilation in three different places and just glides. This is an excellent buy for your newborn especially during the summer so they aren't over heating in a carseat while strolling them around because they can lay back and have air flow coming in from the sides or the front of the stroller. This was really easy to put together my husband said and we both love the look of it. The grey is perfect because it's not a dark color so it doesn't attract to much heat and is gender neutral so you can use it for all your kids. Another plus is you can easily change your child in this stroller when it acts like a bassinet which is a huge plus so you dont have to worry about going into a bathroom with your infant to change their diaper incase it's super dirty or no changing stations. Very smooth riding, great quality wheels, and very cute!

This is the second stroller we have owned. Cheap and you get what you pay for- poor quality. It looks like such an expensive carriage and the price is affordable won’t put a hole in your wallet.

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