The doll comes with accessories and outfits featured in the book, so young readers can act out the story. Also after a year the doll started to turn orange, 2 years old her legs and arms are completely orange.

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We haven't undone the braids yet, so far her hair has stayed nice.

I like that this doll comes with a book, its a bit advanced for my 4 year old but she still enjoys hearing a few pages at a time. She was only three around the time we got her. My daughter wasn't really able to dress her, but she still loved this doll!The accessories with this doll are really cute and go with the story in the book so makes it nice. One note is that her hair seems to be pretty stuck in the pigtail braids.

We tried to take them out and comb it down, but that middle part just wouldn't go away. First off, getting her out of the box was really easy. There is a lot of tape around the bottom of the box, and tons of things to snip. The actual doll slid right out which was great.

In The Crib Adding Armature To Reborn Toddler Doll!

Reborn Tess, Found Surprises Inside?

Step by step: How to add plastic ball jointed doll armature to Reborn toddler size doll. Reborns are life-like baby/toddler "DOLLS" ...

I undressed her, and very gently took of her riding jacket. Her body is made out of very soft plastic, over a wire armature. The horse dolls are made a little differently, so that the dolls can sit on their horses properly. She can sit on her horse wonderfully, but she can't stand very well. The legs might not stand up to rough play.

I keep her seated on the horse because she'll slide off of a shelf.

I have no complaints with her hair, as it's braided. She also comes with a book, describing her adventures, and another outfit. The dress is of good quality, and the shoes, as usual are plastic. She seems to most enjoy the little lemonade and dessert set that it comes with. As little fabric as it takes, they could have made the riding pants at least out of something with a little stretch to make them easier to get on/off the doll. The individual pellets are cylindrical in shape, approximately 3/16" long and 1/8" in diameter and because they are plastic they can be washed. If you want your stuffed object to be "cuddly" fill it loosely. Less granules on the floor and less that stick on poo!

This model ship showcases incredible detail and makes a handsome display piece in any room. What better way to see how an internal combustion engine works than to be able to see all of the parts move!

This kit measures 18 1/2 inches long, with a wingspan of 9 1/4 inches long. Featuring die cut balsa fins and self-adhesive decals and a bright streamer for soft, gentle landings. These fabulous little wood kits are great for school camp; scout activities and at home. Fine detail includes full-color markings and retractable landing gear. Everything that is needed for assembly is included and all are easily built up in about 5 minutes. Many of the same engineering skills go into producing scale models as into the manufacturing of actual items represented. Model kits fall into approximately five skill levels. Snap-together models provide the pieces with tiny tabs that fit in specially shaped holes.

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The next three levels are beginner, intermediate, and advanced. The level is described on the box containing the kit, and the kits become increasingly complicated with more steps in assembling and detailing the models. The most advanced kits are the customized kits that provide the model builder with a variety of styles and parts, enabling for the creation of a unique model.

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