Definitely would recommend for anyone's kids who are frozen fans. She leaves it in the car when we go into a restaurant but likes to strap her in to keep her safe.

She takes it to bed with her on every car ride in every family visit that we have. She tends to destroy every doll that we have ever bought her, but this one is still intact and she plays rough with it. Overall, this was a great deal for a doll that my daughter loves. Her hair is super hair sprayed and stays in place for a long time, although eventually my 3 year old did wear it down.Her legs are green, so she will always have tights on, but we don't mind. But would definitely recommend nontheless. She is a great value for the price and definitely worth having!

Very durable for child's play or collecting. Inspires fashionable fun and enchanting play action!

Anna’s darling dress features bright floral patterns.

Girls will love playing out their favorite scenes and imagining all new ones with their favorite royal sister!

She looks darling wearing her green dress adorned with bright floral patterns. Anna appears as fashionable as ever in her warm weather clothes to match the springtime theme of the film.

You can't seem to get these in the store. Was great to be able to purchase as a set.

You will pay a bit more, but it will be worth it. Their shoes are removable hard plastic with nice detail. The colors of the plastic and fabric do not match well. That was the first thing my 9 year old daughter noticed. They do not bend at all, except at the waist and neck. There bodies, arms and legs are made of hard, hollow plastic.

Barbecue !

Elsa And Anna Toddlers Bbq Contest Barbie Ketchup Hotdog Burgers Picnic Food