These lightweight plastic bottles appear to empty when the baby doll drinks, sparking the imagination and providing hours of enjoyment. The fluid level in each bottle decreases more quickly the farther its tilted.

Doll Baby Bottles
Each bottle is decorated with cute wraparound graphics to entertain young minds. This set includes one (1) baby milk bottle and one (1) baby juice bottle. The liquid magically empties as your baby doll drinks.

I was able to snip the edge with a pair of scissors and then easily unwrap them to reveal plain bottles.She kept trying to chew on the fake nipple of these bottles.

I expected some paint to chip or it to look worse. She is still so curious as to where the liquid refills at.

I really enjoyed these because it is teaching her about how to feed a baby, and also what bottles are used for.

I know she's going to love them and think they're pure magic!

I wondered how this toy worked and looked it up one day.

Diy Miniature Baby Bottles ~ With Milk, Water, And Orange Juice

DIY miniature baby bottles filled with milk, water and orange juice. DIY doll baby bottles.

I think you can use play doh instead of a ...

As long as she doesn't leave it out in the sun it'll be great and last a long time (speaking from experience lol). It stained my daughter's skin and her new doll. He loves feeling like he is giving his doll real milk and juice.

I wish there were more doll accessories for future daddies.

Baby Alive Magnetic Bottles And Pacifiers

In earlier videos, I demonstrated taking real baby pacifiers and bottles and adding a magnet to make them work with magnet ...

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