Christmas is just days away, but if your shop is already set up, you still have time to make this one. Use 2″ screws predrilled from the outsides of the chair back and fronts into the ends of the side rails, or pocket holes.

Doll Clip On Highchair
I recommend positioning the seat according to the dimensions of the doll that will sit in the seat. It has been so much fun making presents this year. Building day was 53 degrees in the workshop with 3 kerosone heaters going for four hours before we started. That is a great idea for the empty wall space above my little girls dress up area.Plus it's super fab with the apple print!

Our table has a frame under the rim so can't clip the seat on all the way. This causes the seat wanting to slide off when the doll sits in there. Fits on the dinning room table while we eat.

Trolls Poppy High Chair Play Set With Lol Surprise Dolls
TROLLS POPPY High Chair Play Set with LOL Surprise Dolls Like, comment, share!

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How To Make A Baby Doll High Chair

Let's play with Disney Frozen Baby Dolls Stroller toy pram ,High Chair,Bed Fun toys for kids hope you like it Enjoy and ...

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