Elsa needs you to help bring back the northern lights and restore her powers!

Had i known this included wires i would have never purchased it, i thought it was a small little motion censored nightlight.

Doll From Frozen
Elsa comes with batteries but they are only for trial purposes. Wave your hand over the snowflake and down the back of the flake. The sensor is at the back of the snowflake. It has a thin wire connecting the doll to the snowflake and as mentioned in other reviews it falls out waaay too easily.My daughter is 6 and was very careful with it, but the snowflake is so heavy and clunky that the thin little wire slipped right out. It also took forever to get out of the package. The doll itself still functions without the snowflake, but only lights up in the "try me" mode. She has not played with it since opening the box.

I think younger children would love it more. The cousin is 3 years old and actually plays with the doll.
See their vacation cruise boat trip here: Video is Unavailable. In this toys dolls parody video, Anna and Elsa are getting ...

The star doesn't "work it's magic" like it's supposed to. It takes extreme movement to even detect anything and even then, it only works sometimes.

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Baby Doll Nursery For Disney Frozen Elsa With Closet Tour And Play Wardrobe Dress Up In Dollhouse

Baby doll Nursery for Disney Frozen Elsa!

Baby Elsa doll nursery with crib, dress up and closet tour!

Dress up baby Elsa in...

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