The fashions reflect today’s teen trends. Brown heels are trendy, and a pair of sunglasses adds a cool touch.

With her long blue hair styled in loose waves, she looks as fabulous as she feels!

She brings something completely different to this face mold, a certain delicacy that the others have lacked.

I love the combination of this beautiful hair color, against her porcelain white skin, and the accentuating of her brown eyes and eyebrows. Oddly enough the color combinations of her look works exceedingly well.The one downside to the body is its lack of articulation other than the the three basic ones (head, arms, and legs). What is especially lovely about her eyes is that they are looking off to the right-hand side. Between her side-slant eyes and her small smile, she has kind of a dreamy, faraway look to her expression. Both of her arms are fairly straight with both palms facing toward her body. On both hands, only the ring and middle fingers are fused. The top is stretch t-shirt material in a cold shoulder style with a ruffle that extends around the arms, bust and back.

Chicago Doll And Toy Show Goodies (Feat. Barbee0913)

Barbee0913 and I went to the Chicago Doll and Toy Show this past weekend. Here's a look at what we bought!

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Her shoes are actually garnet rather than the brown mentioned in the product description. Such a beautiful face mold and paint job. Also love the shoes and sun glasses - class act of a doll. Her hair is long and soft, her shoes are really neat, and she has great make up. Overall a really beautiful doll though that is nice quality.

I will say that this particular line of dolls has kind of thin, greasy hair at the roots.

I like her outfit, but it's a pity it's not a separate top and skirt. It wasn't long before they were expecting a baby. The newspaper was deluged by mail with name suggestions, but in the comic strip she was named by a nurse. This is easily cared for and removed with a light grainy cleanser on a regular basis. Her body is "magic skin, a thin latex rubber which is stuffed to make her ever so soft and cuddly. The magic skin will darken, split and deteriorate and the seepage on the head will harden and darken. She was one of my three favorite childhood dolls. The "magic skin" does develop moon crater pock marks through time.

I do not find this at all detracting as her clothing covers her body and the "skin" is still soft and pliable. Early 1950's comic strips, soap, puzzles, paper dolls and a blanket with her name overall just to name a few. She has the same type soft vinyl head with a hard plastic jointed walker body. Her braids are longer and she wears a print toddler dress.

We all have interest in how she was located, the use of materials in her clothing and anything else you would like to share with other avid collectors.

I want the original version of the baby, in good shape.

I knew her origin from reading the comics in the newspaper.

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Kane County Doll Show/Chicago Toy Show Haul/Loot (April )

April was filled with doll shows!

See what we picked up at the Chicago Toy Show and the Kane County Doll Show this this month!