This adorable suitcase is a perfect way for girls to carry and store all of their doll clothes and accessories. It would hold maybe 1 set of clothes, if that.

Doll Accessories Suitcase
I don't know why she wants to keep it, it's rather useless.

I may send it back and buy her a small piece of luggage. Instead, there was a small button on one side with an elastic loop to pull over the button on the other side to keep the box closed—-did not work well for me as an adult to try and close easily—so it surely didn’t even work well for my five-y/o. Sorry can’t recommend this one but if you need it for a specific reason for something, it may work for you!The description has now been updated to 18 inch doll accessories suitcase, which is a bit more suitable. Picture makes it look deep and it’s actuall very narrow.
How to make miniature Barbie rolling luggage suitcase for doll/dollhouse DIY Doll Accessories Mini Trolley Bag with Zipper by ...

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Diy Mini Suitcase For Doll/Dollhouse Accessories Miniature Barbie Rolling Luggage

DIY Mini Suitcase for Doll/Dollhouse Accessories Miniature Barbie Rolling Luggage.