All different colours and prints available. She's never been "fed the porridge" that came with her so she's quite clean.

Doll Cot Mobile
Ideal from new born to six months, this travel cot folds down small enough to class as hand luggage when taking your little one abroad. The book has a slight curve or bend to it. The spine shows creasing or minor wear and tear. The cover may have stickers, markings, or sticker adhesive on it.La série est orientée vers l'apprentissage du langage et de la politesse pour les tout petits avec la répétition des termes et phrases sur plusieurs thèmes.

We have hard wood floors so the toddler likes to push it around like a stroller too!

The bed is incredibly cute, and my eight year old has been playing with it also. Only complaint is the bars that hold up the canopy don't stay in the holes on the posts very well, but we'll put some hot glue on the ends of them so they stay put. It's fairly sturdy for a doll bed, but won't take a lot of abuse (or weight more than a few dolls). One of the top supports for the canopy seems to want to keep popping out of place as well.

I ended up having to use super glue to keep the rods in place. Then a round piece of wood panel is placed on the hanging fabric and after that, a padded mat.

I also made a little sequin pillow and used a piece of a faux fur throw to update the bedding. The bed is held up by the fabric skirting that snaps onto the metal bars. Badger should add something inside the crib to hold the mattress in place instead. The crib skirt snaps around the perimeter of the crib to hold the matress in place, which makes it impossible to change the bedding.

I spray painted the crib light gray and used gold paint on the wheels and tops of the posts. Spot clean or hand wash the bedding as needed with cold water and mild detergent and allow to air dry. Full bedding set includes a ruffled skirt, inside liner, padded mat, and fancy canopy with attached gossamer drapes and tiebacks. For all kids and doll collectors who wish with all their might for the most graceful round doll crib tonight!

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