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I find the older they get they less they want to deal with boring spelling so keeping it fun and interactive is definitely the way to go. It definitely makes spelling more engaging.Your daughters are lucky to have you as their mom!

I love the idea of different size letters for 3x each(are they still making kids do that!?!) and the abc rock spelling!

I am looking for any and all ways to make this more fun.

I also passed it along to his teacher to share on the class's website.

You will also find math vocabulary, literature lists, holiday lists, etc.

I didn't realize she even brought her list home until yesterday.

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If the player gets it wrong the other spells it back to them in bounces. She always picks really hard words trying to stump me.

We normally finish the spelling words and keep going with every word we can remember.

I had to create for graduate school if that is okay.

You have so much ideas in one place it is awesome!

I can come back and look through your posts with more time. Children are rewarded for their efforts by earning turns on a fun mini-game within the app. The words they struggled with are added to a 'tricky words list' within the app, which the child can work on and return to at any point. Many of them will work incredibly well in my classroom.

I am trying the hidden words with my third grade special ed friends tomorrow!

He sites in a class room all day that when he get home that is the last thing he wants to do. He has been failing his spelling test all year.

I am hearing these tips for the first time. It will be more useful to the moms who help their students in studying. These kind of evening you’ll uncover prepared, incorporates appointed many people.

I am confident there are many outstanding features coming soon. This is really great post and interesting one. Its an awesome, appropriate, customized information.

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