I can’t stand being scared for no reason at all!

She is unique because she comes with pierced ears and a variety of different and unique accessories.

Doll Eye Jewelry
Jazz up your doll with some glitzz and glam. She loves anything that sparkles and glitters. Her favorite outfits are usually the glamorous ones. But at times she does wear a pair of jogging pants and a sweatshirt but her favorite outfits usually consist of something shinny!Anya's favorite outfit is her pink dress with sequence shrug, cute headband, pink ballerina flats and her variety of jewelry pieces. Bows and headbands are one of her favorite accessories. She takes pride in her silky smooth hair and makes sure that she brushes her hair everyday and puts it in a braid at night!

Welcome to a world were every girl can be herself and be expressive through her creative projects. The collection of accessories and outfits is endless. The art class supplies so she can practice her art skills and the winter wonder sled for the winter days!
In this video I review a few pieces which I was sent by the Jewellery store JAWLINE JEWELLERY.

I review a eyeball necklace and ...

The possibilities of imagination are endless. Grab your doll by the hand go exploring the outdoors together!

Anya is super fashionable and always wearing something sparkly. She has silky blonde hair, gray-blue eyes that open and close, and pierced ears. My 7 yr old daughter loves the earrings & jewelry. Her hair is layered, which makes it difficult to style. Price was double the store price but the stores were sold out. It came with great packing, shipping was fast and product was of great quality. My daughter has sat for hours just playing with her hair and changing her clothes. She even comes with a jewelry stand to store all her pieces when not in use. She is durable, poseable and has eyes that open/close. Most of her body is the plastic but its not the super hard cheap plastic. The jewelry is easy to manage and fun to play with. The hair is typical for the type of doll and with a little spray bottle and wire brush, as recommended, it styles fine. It looks adorable in the box but the dress does not have a finished hem. Within 2 hours of removing it form the box, the dress began to fray. If the dress was finished, we would give it 5 stars with out question!

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