The only modifications you will need to make to the footboards is in the top piece, the 2×4 that finishes to top of the footboard. Cut this board at 42″ keep the front side flush with the front leg post.

Doll Daybed Trundle
On the back side, keep the end edge of the 2×4 even with the end edge of the center panel of the footboard. Make sure you leave a 3 1/2″ overhang on either end of the 2×4 top piece. Attach this piece to the footboards by first screwing through the 2×2 into the corner posts (make sure you predrill first. Then predrill and screw through the outside of the legs into the end edges of the 2×6.The bottom edge of the side rail will sit 10 1/2″ up, or even with the bottom edge of the footboard center panel. Use long screws and predrill before screwing.

I have already planned to make at least 3 different pieces!!

My little one will be 2 in 10days and i am ready to ditch the crib, but dont want to take up space in her room with a twin.

I do have toddler bed plans on the radar, but it could be awhile.

I totally want to make this for our office/extra bedroom.

How To Make A Doll Daybed With Pull Out Trundle Doll Crafts click the link to make this fabsome craft today!

by request: UPDATED at 3:31 : make a low cost planet friendly ...

I was just going to throw it in there on a trundle frame - but this looks amazing. Regardless, you will need to make the back of the daybed exactly like you made the footboards so they match up, so if the rails you made were 21 1/2" on the footboards, you should cut this length for the back of the daybed. Chat with us for website issues, orders, and returns. This assortment of children's furniture allows you to pair and create a comfortable space that's right for your child. From entire kids' furniture sets to children's furniture accent statements such as chairs and tables, our collection of kid bedroom furniture is set at a price you'll love. Whether you're starting out your child with their first big kid bed or upgrading to a new one, the kids' furniture sets in this collection feature headboards , storage beds and more.

We know kids can be messy - help their room stay tidy by using kid furniture shelving or a storage cart in their space to keep books, toys and knick-knacks off of the floor. Bring invoice, help to load and packing materials. Home w/3 bedrooms, 1 bath, 2 car garage & full basement in the country. Central air, fireplace, back porch & fenced yard. Includes detached 24’x28’ garage/shop & sm. Ceiling fans in kitchen & bonus room. Property will be sold as-is and closed in 45 days. Thomasville kingsize bedroom suite; 3 pce. If you would like to use the trundle with a standard twin mattress, the overall clearnance length of your bed (the length between the legs on the sides) must be at least 77″. If you are building a bed, make note of this and build your bed so the side rails are 77″ long. Make sure your trundle will fit under the bed. If you have more clearance, you can use a 1×10. This is approximately the greatest height you could make your trundle at. Of course you could make the trundle shorter. This is the greatest possible length of the trundle. Of course, you can make the trundle smaller. Remember, a standard trundle mattress measures 75″ x 39″. For a deeper trundle, you can use 1x10s (if your bed has at least 10″ of clearance).

Leave a 2″ clearance under the plywood when attaching the trundle sides, this is shown above. Use the 2″ screws to predrill through the trundle sides and screw into the bottom. Attach the trundle sides in the same manner as step 1. However, make sure you also screw into the end edges of the trundle side ends. Worried about the middle of your trundle sagging?

Add trundle wheels to each of the four corners and two wheels in the center of the trundle, as shown above. The center trundle wheels will act as a support and prevent the center of the trundle from sagging.

I was looking for something that would make their room feel more open and girly. Now we might just have to try one of your plans and this trundle would be perfect storage for now and as a bed in the future.

We have a twin bed with plenty of room for a trundle.

I can't wait to make this and surprise my husband!

Doll Daybed Trundle

Just make sure you build the trundle to fit under your bed by measuring the length of the bed and the clearance under the bed, as shown the plan. From luxury ensembles, to classic sleigh, canopy and children's beds, our line of quality miniature beds is sure to offer the best night's sleep for your miniature family.

American Girl Doll Trundle Bed & Bedding Set ~ New!

It's a great mix and match set so you can also put the blue mattress on the top part of the bed 😀 Instagram: @agoverseasfan ...

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