Sadly having to add them to my list of dresses to make. Doll clothing is handmade and tough enough.

All processes and materials undergo triple inspection to ensure sewing quality. We'll update the styles regularly, may no update the pictures timely, the pictures just show a part of them. But please don't worry, you would receive the most beautiful and suitable clothes for your dolls.

I noticed that some of the shoes are for barbies with larger feet but they still all fit.I have bought several of these little outfit packages and my daughter is over the moon. The mermaid skirt on the pink tight dress completely fell off within 3 days. The pants outfit, black skirt, and jacket are nice, though.

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Opening American Girl Doll Mail From Ebay!!

Come check out my latest AG purchases from Ebay!

I have seen lots of cute doll clothes on Instagram lately and went on a hunt to ...