As soon as you enter, you can smell the pancakes (these are my faves to make at home now), french toast, orders of eggs and hash browns ripe on the griddle.

I adore pancakes, there is something quite special to me about hash browns (really potatoes in general to be honest).

Growing up, my mama used to make these fantastic cubed potatoes, which were more like home fries with onions.

I would dream about them for weeks to come. The perfect hash brown recipe is the total opposite of my mama’s potatoes. Make this popular breakfast side right at home and give up the diner!Use the large holes of the grater to get nice sized shreds. Place potato shreds on paper towels and remove all excess liquid from them until dry. Heat butter and oil over medium high heat in a large skillet (add more butter and oil if the entire surface of the skillet is not covered). Once butter/oil mixture is hot, add potato shreds to pan. Once a golden brown crust develops on the bottom of the potatoes, flip them on the other side. Once golden brown on both sides, season to taste and serve hot.

I also added black pepper during and after cooking the hashbrowns.

I made sure to get as much moisture off as possible with paper towels as suggested.

I now know what “real” hashbrowns taste like!!!

And you may get away with less oil/butter.

We shred ours in the food processor (don’t even get the water out) and then spread them out (not too thick) on the bottom plate that is sprayed with olive oil then dot some butter on the top and season and close it up. After 12 minutes, perfectly brown, crisp taters!!

A very hot oven (425-450) gets them nice and crispy in about 20 minutes or less, depending on how many you are cooking. Just make sure you get rid of the access water before proceeding with the recipe or they won’t be very crispy.

I think most of us associate food with fond memories.

I have a hard time with them being too greasy. Use a potato rice to squeeze excess moisture. Thanks for the great recipes and especially the memories and pictures. Hash browns are a definite draw at the diner and we do love to hit the diner for a big breakfast!

I use a potato ricer to press out the juices. Garnish with low fat or vegan whipped cream, berries and chocolate chips and serve. Try it with your favorite regular thick yogurt next time to get rid of the tang and see if you like it better. After all the holiday treats, something lighter is definitely needed, at least in my household.

I love your site and this recipe especially!

But by all means, continue bringing on the real good stuff.

I looove how creamy and dreamy and light and lovely this mousse looks!!!

Sometimes the full fat things can seriously be too much!

I definitely think it’s good to have some lighter desserts in our repertoire!

It is good to switch things up every once and a while!

I like splurging on the real thing and just work it off the next day haha.

Light Chocolate Mousse

I love the real thing and love to just enjoy it!

I am so glad we started this blog journey together. So so delicious looking and it’s good for u?

I have been going with the choice of a little of the “real thing” rather than avoiding the dessert totally!!

There’s nothing better than a chocolatey creamy mousse that’s light!

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