This industry -related article is a stub. The first firing is called the biscuit firing (or "bisque firing"), and the second the glaze or glost firing.

These result in a much harder and more resilient article which can still be porous, and this can ease the application of glazes. They have many unique and exclusive packages available. Even if you're not in that area, you will find their site interesting with lots of neat items. Books, brushes and other non-bisque items can ship.Experts can help you with the best individual and group plans. Shipping is not an option for bisque orders at this time.

Porcelain Doll Head Restoration

Here I restore a porcelain doll head.

I undo a previous repair, add a new pair of glass eyes and restore her to good as new.

French Bisque Lady And Child Dolls At Auction July ,

Dollmastery Vignette Series Presents the Billie and Paige Welker Collection Part 3 - Narrated By Florence Theriault At Auction ...

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