At least, we’re certain your little cherubs will. Is this the coolest (and most ethical and cruelty free) animal head ever, or what?

We rather like purple, but a burnt orange or lime green might also look fab. This 10cm (4 inch) mouse is suitable for beginners. This fat cat is soft and huggable, measuring approximately 36cm (14 inches) from the tip of its nose to the end of its tale. There’s a chubby puppy to go with it too.Ideas and practical solutions for everyday living. Enjoy the best mobile reading experience and share it with your friends. Knitters will love this fabulous collection of adorable knitted dolls and their very contemporary styled clothes and accessories. There are 12 different dolls and all of the garments can be mixed and matched to create unique outfits.

You can also change the dolls' hair style and color easily too--so you could go for a cute auburn bob or may be some long blonde pigtails for your doll!

Once completed these knitted dolls will make fabulous presents for children who will love the attention to detail given to their fun and stylish contemporary wardrobe.
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written doll crochet pattern:

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To give you some context, my skill in knitting is on the low end of intermediate. The dolls are only about 11 inches tall finished, so all the work is very intricate. You'll spend nearly as much time seaming and sewing pieces together as you will knitting them. For example, a tiny little jacket is made from four separate pieces - the front, the back, and two sleeves knitted flat. For example, there's a simple instruction to "sew the head to the body" without pictures or guidance as to how to best achieve this. These dolls are not created equally when it comes to difficulty.

I would recommend mixing and matching your first doll together - pick a pattern with boots (intarsia is a huge, knotted mess when making the shoes with laces) and a body that doesn't involve striping or a lot of color changes. Loved mixing and matching outfits and changing up the colors. You'll never get bored with all these choices.

I would say this might be my favorite project ever!

I have noticed that my grands seem to undress dolls almost immediately!

They are still endearing with only their underwear on!

I left the duplicate stitch off the sneakers since mine looked nothing like the authors. Use suggested yarns or good for stash busting. If you're going to buy one knit doll book this it!

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