Barbie Bath barbie Stars

In this Barbie playset bathes her cubs in their bath tub.
The product is innovative, press the lever, puppies chasing each other around the tank and the foam really comes out of the tap to wash the puppies. By pressing a button on his back, Barbie moves the arm and wash the puppies with the towel in his hand. Once cleaned, it can take the bucket, remove the foam from the puppies and dry them with the towel.
Thanks to the button on the back, it can also keep the puppies in her arms and cuddle.
Barbie bath pampering from MATTEL is a wonderful box set with which the children can have fun with Barbie to take care of her adorable baby.
The box set includes a tank for the puppies, in which you can run them.
Dogs can be washed with tap water and the sponge that Barbie is holding. Barbie can even hold them thanks to a button on her back.

Mattel W3153 Snuggle up to Barbie Bath

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Snuggle up to Barbie Bath

Item Weight - 472 g
Product Dimensions - 20.3 x 6.7 x 32.4 cm
Age recommended by the manufacturer - 36 months -8 years
Item model number - W3153
Number of pieces - 1
Batteries required - No
Types of material - plastic

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and fun Barbie Barbie
and fun Barbie Barbie
and fun Barbie Barbie

Brand: Mattel
Item number: 3153


4.0 Stars of 5

Wash the puppies

by Michele

my granddaughter you a merry mess. Also very beautiful doll that has a slider on the back that allows you to move your arm to wash the puppies.

5.0 Stars of 5

Barbie forever

by Monello44

A Barbie that can not miss one of the games of our children, then in the case with the kit for the toilet of the pet game takes on a highly formative role for a correct approach with the animal world.

5.0 Stars of 5


by aquilarex71

Perfect quality great price then add what my daughter has been very happy Barbies are and will remain forever in the history of girls.

5.0 Stars of 5

For the passionate barbie


Beautiful game, my daughter has loved it.
Considering that was on offer for just over 15$. It was really a deal.

4.0 Stars of 5

Conforms to description

by Tiziana

I was lucky to buy it at a low price. Barbie is always a guarantee of success, when it comes to having to make a small gift for the little women.

4.0 Stars of 5


by Bicio

Just a shame that Barbie has folded arms in a fixed position. For the rest, my daughter loves it and makes a mess our bathroom when we play.

5.0 Stars of 5


by Baptist

Barbie, a name you can trust. A toy really very nice, both as material and as colors. It a game that really like the girls from the age of 5.

5.0 stars of 5


by Cristina

Common use excellent considering the price promotion. Has many details that win and entertain the child. The barbie is fantastic.

4.0 stars of 5

Very Cute

by Ely

Bought for 9$ game really cute, well made and various accessories my daughter has great fun to wash the dogs, perfect delivery in no time.

5.0 stars of 5


by Clare

The package has arrived on time as usual and in excellent condition. Barbie really cute and funny.
My daughter has loved it.

5.0 stars of 5


by Dany

I am satisfied because the price was really cheap, less than 10$. Excellent and timely shipment. Recommended to all my 3 year old daughter plays with it forever.

2.0 stars of 5

Pretty, But Beware.

by Paperachef

The impact of this toy was great, at first. The box full of accessories, although some, to be honest, overly small.

5.0 stars of 5

W Puppies

by Rob

Maybe because my baby loves puppies, but this toy is the loved, because it has many (small) barbie and accessories in addition to the two.

5.0 stars of 5

New In The Genre

by Lorenza

I bought this Barbie for my little 6 year old and a gift to a friend of hers. It really liked a lot, perhaps because of the type of the toy.