Additionally, she has lifelike beautiful brown eyes that open and close, a sweet, handmade face and a fresh baby powder scent.

You will adore their life-like features from their cute little button nose… to their tiny little hands and feet!

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However, one month later, after normal use by a two-year old little girl, the stitching has come away from the seam where the soft body is sewn to the fabric attached to the rubber head. The plush is spilling out, and it does not look like an easy fix with my amateur sewing skills.

I like simple, old-fashioned but high-quality toys for my children. Bottom line, poorly-made and a disappointment.I don't know if they think this is baby smell?

She plays with it every day and it's her favorite toy, nothing has happened to it and it still smells delicious!

The dolls fabric body frays and separates from the head during normal use. After complaining the company replaced the doll. The second doll fell apart at the exact same place.

I sent in all the proper paper work and images of the doll and the company didn't respond to my request for a full refund.

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The exposed stuffing creates a choking hazard for toddler children. The company should address the cheap silky fabric it uses that snags frays easily.

I called customer service and they had a new one in the mail before returning my call!

Granted, the dolls were very loved and played with often, but the fabric they use for the body is absolutely unacceptable.

I e-mailed their “doll hospital” to ask for advice and never received a response. Adora would produce such a shoddy product; they seem like a reputable, well loved company. It smells like baby powder still after 8 months and they love pretending they bathed it and are rocking it so for my two year old, it's as close to being real as it gets. If you can get over the small size for the large price, then buy it.

I have porcelain baby dolls of the same size and this was a good substitute for her to carry around the house without the fear of breakage. Wonderful details make her look real and the smell is pleasantly like baby powder. She has not needed a "bath" yet but being washable was a great selling point for me.


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