Everyone involved wanted to make sure that the festival’s proceeds would be redistributed into the local community. She is an expert in operations management, with a long track record of reducing deficits, increasing revenues and implementing marketing plans.

Doll Distributing Inc
She is also actively involved in the local entrepreneurial start up community.

We can be your one stop vendor for all of your foodservice equipment needs. Our access to every major manufacturer in today's marketplace, our high volume buying power and our over 70 years of foodservice expertise combine to make us your best choice for your next project. You'll find a project similar to yours in our extensive portfolio of work so you can be rest assured that we know your business and we know what it takes to get your job done right.Chances are there is a project listed below that is similar to yours. Over the years we have forged strong relationships with all of the major foodservice equipment manufacturers including those that produce cooking, refrigeration, preparation, ventilation and storage equipment. Because we are flexible and easy to work with we are able to provide the unique services and well-coordinated support required by each of our multi-unit customers. These types of facilities include but are not limited to casinos, sports stadiums & arenas, taverns & lounges, concessions of all types and coffee & juice bars. Cook-chill systems, efficient room service production equipment and redundant refrigeration just to name a few. These systems utilize everything from lockable cabinets & drawers to tamper proof fasteners.

We can also help with concession equipment for convention and sports venues.

We can supply your needs from cooking to bar equipment and custom items. Through the world of hobby we answer the many requests of our customers.

You could also consider this as a functioning basis by which we can give as many people as possible the chance to flourish in the world of hobby. Distributing hobbies and models (domestic) 3. This is the most widely used security system in the world. All the information sent from customers is thoroughly encrypted. Models are listed alphabetically by mold name and then by model number.

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