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Samuela After looking for a cabinet with sub-basin for a long time, I found this. It was delivered on time with no damage. The cabinet looks nice and it’s exactly how it was described. I made several purchases with Amazon and I am very satisfied with their service.
Antonella It’s cute and functional bathroom furniture. It’s sad that the side panels are laminated. I would have preferred to see all parts in wood.
Bellotto The quality and craftsmanship are poor. It’s damaged despite it being unopened when it was delivered.
ToyFun onto Doll
Cristina I love it! It arrived on time and it has lots of accessories. The hair is a bit ruffled but nonetheless it’s still pretty.
Paul This doll is very original and well thought of. This is a gift that girls will be happy to get. The value for money is just excellent.
Agnes The doll arrived in a few days and in great condition. I am very satisfied even with its box. Only thing is that it’s written in German and I couldn’t understand it. No matter what, the doll and the price is excellent.
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Mimi This is a wonderful craftsmanship; it’s made with precision and care. My daughter plays with it a lot and me too. I recommend this to all parents and children.
Silvia This is a very nice product with many accessories that are well finished. The legs of the chairs are a bit delicate so you have to be careful in handling them. The price of the product is okay.
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Alessandra I don’t think this is suitable even for young children who can already walk.
Franc It’s easy to assemble, safe for the baby, it’s very light and practical. My girl loves it.
Marc This item is easy to assemble but a little unbalanced. This is a good idea for a gift.
ToyFun onto Corolle, Doll
Rafaela Cicioni Excellent! The only suggestion that I have is to contact the courier a couple of times and tell them that you are not home all day if they are going to deliver your package.
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Joseph The toy was exactly as it was described. The delivery was fast and efficient. I will buy another gift on this site.
lulu67 My daughter loves Polly Pocket and adding this jeep to her collection is wonderful. In fact, she plays with it often and is already thinking of what to ask for her birthday.
Simona My daughter plays with it a lot. I am very satisfied with the product and the delivery service.
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Alby I will explain why I did not give it 5 stars. I was hoping to get exactly the same doll that I saw in the picture. But it’s different. I’m still happy with it. It is the first time that I did not get something that looks exactly the same as shown in the picture.
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Mz This is another good product from Lalaloopsy. It’s pocket size so you can bring it with you anywhere. My 5 year old daughter is very happy about it plays stories with it.
ToyFun onto Car
Paola I would like to know if the stroller and the car seat is approved to use in a car. Thank you very much!
Lavinia I would like to ask if this can be washed in a washing machine. Is the stroller approved to use in a car? Thanks!
Valentina I agree with the review above. The three in one stroller is spectacular and super cushioned. It has lots of accessories, very strong and easy to use. I recommend this to everyone. The quality price ratio is just right and unbeatable. We look forward to using it for our little one.
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Laura The product is a little pricey for a toy. It’s something that is suitable for 5 – 6 year old children.
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Stefania It’s really a beautiful doll. It has lots of accessories and a great attention to detail. The delivery was super fast. We ordered it on a Sunday and it arrived Wednesday morning. I am very satisfied.
Danilo This is exactly what I expect in a product. It arrived within the scheduled time perfectly. The product arrived exactly the same as it looks on the photo.
Manuele The shipping was fast and correct. The packaging is perfect and exactly what I wanted. I will definitely purchase here again.
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Cosimo This is a great product. My daughter plays with it so much and is having so much fun. This is a perfect gift for your children.
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Francesco Piny pon camper is one of my favorite. However the water in the wading pool may ruin the stickers in the long run.
Fralucci I bought two of this as a gift for my granddaughters. They've been asking for this for quite sometime now. Fast delivery as well.
Lunarecchia I purchased the caravan for my daughter’s 4th birthday. I already have this idea that she’ll going to like this and it was a success! Fair price for a great product.
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Fabio Her face is exceptional and she is very sexy. The price is a bit high but I think it’s just right.
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Eric May I ask where you got the Blue Mini From ?
Crumb This is an excellent toy. The delivery was fast and on time. This is an excellent value for your money. I will definitely keep this site in mind for my other purchases.
Maximum The product was delivered in good condition and it looks exactly the same as what is on the picture. I recommend this to everyone and the delivery was also fast.
ToyFun onto General, Doll
Sarah My daughter loves playing with it. She plays with the 2 beds both as a bunk bed and 2 individual beds.
Amber My daughter puts the dolls’ hair up and plays with it often. Too bad my son broke them on the same day that we received the item.
Virginia The product matches the description although there are several variations of dolls (hair, dress). It has good quality and has an appropriate price.
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Manuela I gave this as a gift to my 4 year old daughter and she just loved it. She carries around her doll without getting tired (I use to end up carrying it before when she gets tired). It’s a bit small that it doesn’t fit Cicciobello dolls, just Sbrodolina type dolls. I still recommend it though.
ToyFun onto Monster High
Stephanie I like the dolls a lot. They are new and they arrived in just a few days.
Vero321 This is a beautiful gift for a girl who loves all Monster High characters. I was very happy with my purchase.
Tiziana The product was shipped fast and it was a pleasant surprise for my daughter. It’s a beautiful doll.
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Jade I love these mini and yummy erasers. They are exactly what I needed. It’s about the size of a coin in very bright colors. They are excellent and the shipping was fast too.
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Daniela This onesie is perfect for 30 cm dolls. It is easy to put on and remove from the doll. My daughter is very happy with this new dress for her dolls.
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Daniele The item arrived in perfect condition on the day that was scheduled. I love it and placed it on our Christmas tree. It’s just gorgeous.
ToyFun onto Barbie
Bice I bought the carriage of Barbie as a Christmas gift for my daughter, and it arrived very fast. I thought that this time would have been more difficult to do so.
Maurizio I’ve seen the product in stores but the price is much lower here. The delivery service was perfect.
Ram The product has good quality but a bit pricey. Too bad there is no switch to turn off the sound effects.c
ToyFun onto Corolle
Valentina It is nice but it will look even better if there is a matching coat. It looks pretty and the dress was well made. It can also be used with other brand of dolls.
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Kati This is just perfect. The pieces are a bit small but they are still pretty.
Charles This is a cute game for girls. The box is full of well made accessories and they are very colorful.
P.Lari This is the perfect gift for my 8 year old daughter. The shipping of the product was very fast, it arrived 2 days after I ordered it online.
ToyFun onto Bandai
Manuel The delivery was made before the expected date which is great. Its packaging was in good condition and secured. I highly recommend the seller of this product.
Alessandro Cartons The package was delivered quickly and in good condition. The figure looks exactly like the one in the photo. I recommended this to anyone who’s looking to buy action figures.
Roberto The shipping, the package, the item and the delivery are all okay.
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Monk The doll is very pretty. There is a ring inside the box that little girls can wear. The famous glass slippers slip off easily from the legs though but it can be solved with a little of superglue. No complaints about Amazon’s service.
Silvia This is what I expected it to be. The quality of the doll is excellent. We received this with the package in good condition. The delivery was also fast. I recommend this to everyone.
Luke My daughter was very happy with this doll. It was well made and the delivery was fast too. I highly recommend this to everyone.
ToyFun onto Barbie, Fashion
Mark I ordered 2 products at the same time and I was informed that it will receive it by December 24 but that wasn't the case. It was delivered late.
Mark The product was delivered in a very short time. This is a great product and a great service which is a very good value for your money.
Elisa This is a cute gift because it’s pretty, made with good material. It costs a little though but my little girl likes it so I’m okay with it.
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Claudia My three year old daughter can have fun for hours just by changing the clothes of the dolls. This is also useful because you can learn some details when it comes to clothing.
Vanessa My daughter is crazy with these two dolls. They are colorful and durable. The only flaw with the product is that the wooden box where you put the clothes doesn’t have cover. I need to fix it or we will lose some of the wardrobe.
Marta This box made my daughter very happy. The combinations of clothes are endless and it’s just perfect. It’s a nice product, useful and solid. The magnets fit perfectly on the dolls, they don’t bend at all. The wooden platforms allow the dolls to stand up straight so they can have change of clothes. The clothes are complete from pants, leggings, sweaters, coats, hats, shoes and boots.
ToyFun onto Beauty, Doll
Mariangela I expected more from this item. It’s too fragile and after playing with it a couple of times, some parts are already broken or missing.
ToyFun onto Doll
Lina My daughter likes to imitate moms who iron clothes. It’s really cute!!! I recommend it to mothers who want to relax while their daughters play.
Giorgia It’s a nice gift without spending a fortune. My daughter really likes the plug of the iron because it’s removeable.
Tiziana I paid for this set for 30 Euros just to realize that for the same price, other stores offer ironing board set with better quality. The iron doesn’t have lights or noise nor anything that can make it look like a real one. I will not buy another one.
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Cosimo The price is very high when others only sell it for 16 Euros. I will absolutely don’t recommend it. It’s a mistake that I bought two of this. This is very disappointing.
ToyFun onto Barbie
Superpaip Many complain about the liquid hair spray. They say that when you spray it once the color spreads everywhere, but if you’re at the right distance it doesn’t. Don’t exaggerate with the amount that you spray.
Ale72 My 4 year old daughter wanted this for Christmas. When we got it, it was too small and the sprays don’t work out fine. There is excessive leaking of color everywhere.
Cinzia The shipping was excellent and earlier than the date it’s supposed to be delivered. It’s a cute toy and my daughter loves to play with it so much that she finished all of the colors.
ToyFun onto Doll
Alessia This is truly a well done and well detailed toy. It is very small though so it’s not suitable for children less than 6 years old.
ToyFun onto Smoby
Tomas The item was exactly as it was described. It’s a good buy. Kate enjoys preparing lunch for her mom and dad.
Admin I recommend this toy to all moms. Don’t be fooled by its compact size because it is just perfect.
Manuela It is tiny even for a one year old child. It’s not worth its price.
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Gio It’s a beautiful plush toy. It’s identical to the original and it’s very soft. My 2 year old daughter is crazy about Elmo and always brings with it along. It arrived very quick.
Robert The product is just excellent and well done. The shipping was fast and our baby was very excited. We are very satisfied.
Richard The product is great my daughter. She was very excited when she saw it. It arrived a few days after I order it and everything was perfect. It was worth all the money spent.
ToyFun onto Mattel
Star My daughter is crazy about Ariel and mermaids. This product struck me because it’s bigger than it looks in the picture, good price for a great gift.
Cristina The packaging was solid when it was delivered. It’s a good quality product.
Pier It’s a nice toy that will make any child happy. It’s the quality of all Mattel toys and products.
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Ald Excellent! This is exactly what I was looking for a and wanted to give my daughter who loves Disney Junior and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.
Hoppy Cute but it’s not worth its price. There are only a few accessories, I bought this only because it was requested by a little girl.
Purchased product I was really happy with the product. The only flaw is the delivery, you cannot really on irresponsible people.
ToyFun onto Doll
Daniela The product, as usual, arrived on schedule. WITH THE COURIER (I hate the Italian postal service always lose everything), I am satisfied and I will continue to shop with you.
ToyFun onto Doll
Serena Great delivery service. I really recommend it to everyone. It’s a pretty present for an affordable price.
ToyFun onto Cake, Doll
Glory Beautiful! Every detail is realistic. They are slightly smaller than I expected but my daughter is more than satisfied with the items. Therefore, I totally recommend it. 